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Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Why are Native American's SHILLING for Tribal Abusers? Is it Willful Blindness to the Corruption?

I've had some discussion lately with prominent Native Americans who disagree with what they perceive as my negative actions towards tribes.  Ya THINK?  I recently posted on my inductees to the Native American Hall of Shame  one of the inductees was NCAI President Brian Cladoosby, who has not addressed the scourge of disenrollment.

Here's a message I got back from the moderator of a prominent Native American group on Google+

Please stop all of the negative speech +O Pechanga Brian Claddosby (sp?) works his tail off for the good of Indian people.

Here was MY response.

Thank you, V, for speaking on Brian's behalf.    I am working my tail off for the good of Indian people too.  
I'm POSITIVE that I am doing the right thing, as I'm speaking for the thousands of Native Americans that have been harmed by negative speech, including baseless claims against their ancestors.

As I asked Congress staffers of my own two Senator's, if YOU won't look out for us, who will?

I am shining a spotlight on the corruption of some tribes and organizations who are using sovereignty as a club, to beat the weak and helpless, including elders and children.

NCAI and Brian Cladoosby won't help, even in the smallest amount, which would include speaking out against the tribal leaders who are harming ..ACTUALLY harming Native Americans, rather than using a nickname they don't like (that is a racist one). 

Native American Rights Fund won't do "Indian vs. Indian" and have on their board, a tribal chairman that runs an apartheid reservation, who overturned the will of the people by refusing to follow the law and customs.

I came here because you have a council of 5,000 who can be informed of what is happening, so that it may NOT BE SAID, "I didn't know".  Instead of shutting me up, I'd prefer that you argue the points and share my posts so that there can be a learning, an enlightening.   

PLEASE, V, help us.  I'm not asking that you agree that violations of human and civil rights are wrong, that elder abuse is wrong, that theft of property is wrong,  but I AM asking that you allow the freedom of speech to discuss it.

DIRTY LAUNDRY needs to be aired.  We can't be silent and HOPE the issue fades.  We must be active, as that is the only way to combat the deep pockets and political friendships that tribal money creates.     What do YOU THINK?   If Negative ads weren't effective, politicians wouldn't use them.  If we don't show the negatives, would anyone know there's a problem?


Anonymous said...

Keep up the good work OP, the NCAI might think they are helping the native people but they are just ignoring the heinous acts of some leaders and letting them destroy their own tribes. They should put themselves in the place of the disenrolled and really think about what a disenrolled member goes through especially emotionally and mentally and to watch their leaders get away with more and more corruption, while the disenrolled have no due process. We are not bad people, we have done nothing wrong, we are just the disposable members that 4-6 committee members decide they do not want in the tribe because we ask legitimate questions. Tell the NCAI to name a tribe that has disenrolled that does not have a Casino. Only complete fools or blind people would think these leaders are good and honest.

Anonymous said...

I absolutely agree with OP viewpoint and say thanks for all your effort. When time comes for inductees into the Native American hall of fame for ending tribal genocide by indigenous people elected to protect the best interest of a their fellow indigenous people. You will be at the forefront of inductee OP.

for ALL nations...for ALL chukchansi people said...

One site which has blocked several of my comments, particularly anything regarding Keith Harper or Rob Rosette, is Turtle Talk. Ditto for any mention of the fact that it is truly hypocritical to be holding native conferences at venues such as Pechanga or Picayune...It is a sad day in Indian Country indeed when these entities not only remain silent themselves, but silence others who wish to shine a light on the tribal, civil, and human rights violations running rampant throughout Indian Country. Shame on them! Their behavior is an insult to our Indian People and ancestors, and teaches future generations that the status quo of disenrollment will continue to be tolerated.

Kenneth Hansen said...

Money is worth more than civil rights. It's more than extremely unfortunate--it's a violation of our most sacred traditions--honoring our families and communities. What it shows is that these organized interests that used to stand for people and traditional culture have been co-opted and completely assimilated. Our ancestors are rolling over in their graves. What kind of people would disenfranchise their children and grandchildren? Heartbreaking...

Warrior Pontas blanco SPB said...

When the true native spirit from the creator~ decerns that somthing is not right~ within there family or tribe..or Indian Country.. "This spirit "Will"speakout!..further .thooose! that listen".. and find probable "conviction" in there hearts...will cease"from "listening to the "truth" the N.C.A.I who ignores the acts of leaders.. Or Turtle talk who covers up comments and Tribal greedy family members who join into the greed and corruption who become "Stumbbing blocks obstacles".. for those who seek Justice and fairness and Equality for all Native men...and like stumbling blocks...there blocks will crumble to sand when the tide hits there homes....karma is near...brothers..

Unknown said...

As a people we are divided we have no unity to defend ourselves from the powers that took our lane put use on reservation,facilitating tribal disenrollment,and make use depended on the same government and people that his no good intentions on making us a free people . We must have control of our justice system and stop the socialist medical system that is force upon those how live on reservation . natural forms of healing medicine is our real spirit .

Anonymous said...

Please do not silence our disenfranchised voices! We have done nothing wrong by telling the truth of the tribal corruption in Indian Country. How would the average American People feel if they disagreed with their governor, and resulted in the loss of their citizenship? This is done behind closed doors without due process, then threatened with arrest for entering state owned buildings and property , had your churches locked and any benefits taken away such as your social security. You then are under state police surveillance 24 hrs a day, denied using the courts for a pitition of redress of grievances. What is one to do? These atrocious acts are done under the umbrella of sovereignty all while the Feds and those involved in these gross violation of all human and civil rights turn a blind eye. Please continue with your activism, the more people know the harder it is to continue the abuse of the people. May peace and justice prevail.

Anonymous said...

We should be publicly shaming those who support and defend the tribes that abuse our people.

Collaborators, or appeasers, or those simply turning the other way while abuse happens...that's enabling in it's worst encarnation....

Anonymous said...

We knew he was a wife beater, but we didn't want to say anything...then he beat the kids..


Anonymous said...

What is the purpose and/or function of the National Congress of American Indians? From my experience it merely functions as an opportunity to meet and party with other elected Natives who are on paid vacation? WTF?