Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Apartheid at Pechanga Reservation. Yes, Segregation Too. YES, Senators, it's WORSE than Redskins Nickname

 We have written before on the APARTHEID system in force at Pechanga  . 

APARTHEID as described by the dictionary is:
2. any system or practice that separates people according to race, caste, etc.

Pechanga is doing just that, determining that families with historical ties to the origins of the reservation are ‘no longer pure’ in their eyes. They may be Temecula Indian, but “they aren’t Pechanga.” Even though the expert hired BY Pechanga using facts in evidence determined that we were.

Here is what Pechanga members who have been stripped of their citizenship in the tribe have lost:

• Lost the right to vote
• Lost their rights to healthcare provided by the Pechanga government.
• Their children can no longer attend tribal schools, in fact some kids were RIPPED from the school by Tribal Rangers.
• They can no longer be buried in the reservation cemetery with their relatives.
• Have no access to tribal facilities
• Are not protected by the Tribal Rangers. Or in some cases FROM the tribal Rangers

Here is a copy of the letter that was presented to those people living on the reservation who are called "non-members" even though most are living on land that was given to their ancestor when the reservation began, roughly 90 years before council member Russell "Butch" Murphy was adopted into the tribe.

Threatening letter by Pechanga Chairman Mark Macarro and the Tribal Council including Adopted Member Russell "Butch" Murphy    Click on photo to enlarge

The threat is very clear: Fine of $5,000 and exclusion from their own property. THAT is APARTHEID, pure and simple. The tribe is trying to force residents who own property OFF the reservation. Remember when they tried to Steal allottee’s water rights?  three years ago, and now trying to do the same thing.

Mark Macarro, have you NO shame?  Isn't paying your wife to write bills excluding Indians going too far?
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