Friday, June 7, 2013

Irehne Basquez Scearce, One of the Architects of Pechanga's Disenrollments is DEAD. May GOD FORGIVE HER For the Harm She has Caused.

Irehne Scearse, sister of Raymond Basquez Sr,  and one of the elders of the Masiel-Basquez Crime Family of the Pechanga Band of Luiseno Indians has died.  She will have a wake on the reservation June 7th, and funeral on June 8th.    May GOD forgive her

In the flyer for her passing, there was a note, possibly directed at her youthful family members:  NO DRUGS OR ALCHOHOL.    It's a shame that they would still have to point this out in writing, in order to maintain decorum.

To the detriment of HUNDREDS, Irehne, her sister Ruth Masiel conspired with the CPP and were two of the votes to terminate the Manuela Miranda descendents, claiming that as a FIVE YEAR OLD, Manuela Miranda cut her tribal ties by moving with a sister of the rez. Scearce avoided using her own hired expert's findings that Paulina Hunter was indeed Pechanga, instead using a letter from an imprisoned child molester and forced out the second family in 2006.

Light a candle at your Church that this woman who has abused elders and backstabbed friends may find peace.

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