Friday, March 1, 2013

ELIMINATE the BIA, Mr. President and Save BILLIONS

The SEQUESTER is here and our President is warning us of an apocalypse, then he says it won't be that bad.  He threatens to layoff the F.B.I., Border Patrol and Teachers, but he makes NO mention of the least effective department in government, the BUREAU of Indian Affairs.

Perhaps we should just cut the Western Region of the BIA.   They have been completely ineffective in protecting Native Americans that have been harmed by their tribes.  Amy Deutschke and her team has overseen the termination of THOUSANDS of Indians from their tribes via disenrollments, Tribal Cleansing, and TRIBAL TERRORISM.

The BIA failed to intervene in the Chukchansi Council Dispute, even as violence erupted. They have allowed the tribe to destroy the lives of 80% of the tribe. They are not in business to protect only the tribal leaders. They should SUSPEND the right to have casino gaming until order is restored.

The budget of the BIA is over $2.4 BILLION as of FY 2008. How many teachers and police could we keep.

What are YOUR thoughts?

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