Tuesday, September 6, 2011

What Constitutes a PALA Indian?

In a post promoted from the comment section, Hunter Cousin A'amokat asks the question.   Is this greed over casino profits, or payback for a supposed earlier slight?

What constitutes a Pala Indian? Because Pala were originally Luiseno but in 1903 a group of local Indians known as Cupeno were kicked off of their land by Warner Springs, Ca and moved by the powers that be to Pala. For over 100 years the two groups, Luiseno and Cupeno, have lived as one tribe.

So are the Luiseno now saying that people with a blood quantium below a certain point of Pala Luiseno blood don't qualify for tribal membership or are the Cupeno saying that the blood quantium has to be Cupeno blood?

It would be ironic if the later was true because the Cupeno aren't even originally from Pala, it says so in a glass case at the main entrance to the Pala Casino, that the Cupeno lost their land at Warner Springs and were moved to Pala.

Ironic that none of these questions would have even been an issue if Pala didn't have a lucrative casino, sound familiar?

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