Sunday, September 11, 2011

9/11: Attack on America 10 Years Later

What were you doing when you first heard about the attacks on America 10 years ago?

We were woken up by our high schoolers, "Dad, a plane crashed into the World Trade Center and the Pentagon's on fire."   That set our day into motion.   We had planned that day to move our daughter into her apartment, as this was her 18th birthday.

Getting the boys to school, listening to news reports, I heard about Tower 2 collapsing.   Rushing to get home, calling my headquarters in NYC to find out if some friends were safe.  Thankfully, our company lost nobody, nor relatives in the attacks, though at the time, we didn't know for sure.   Our management watched the events unfold from their office windows uptown.

We did make the move for our daughter, the first thing we did was plug in a television so we could keep up to date.   

How did the day's events affect you?   What were you doing that day?

Thank you to ALL the first responders and our military.  We have been kept safe, after going to war with Al-Qaeda.  Keeping them off balance and killing their leaders.  We were not cowed by terrorists and have taken the fight to them.

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