Monday, November 23, 2009

Aftermath of a Pechanga Beating: One Year Later, Victim of Abuse From Pechanga Security Guards Still Suffers

In November of 2008 we had the story of Richard Swan, who was beaten by Pechanga Casino guards.

"Suddenly without warning I was jumped from behind by two security men and violently thrown to the ground. I kept telling them to stop, that I was a 70 year old man with a pacemaker and took a blood thinning prescription Coumadin. But they didn't care.

They slammed my head into the marble floor and dragged me to their security room. I feared for my life knowing that the Coumadin I am taking could cause severe bleeding. If I bled internally or developed a clot in my head I'd be dead. By the grace of God I survived."

We contacted Richard's wife to see how they were doing and her reply:

Yes it has been over a year. A year of hell to be exact. Richard suffered from concussion from the incident, which left him with frontal lobe disorder. The Psychoneuroligst said this kind of injury can lead to Alzheimer disease.

I have been stressed to the max and am seeing a shrink, taking zolof and on and on it goes. The stress went to my mouth and have had very bad problems with bleeding gums and sores. Is painful and irritating

See the link above or click on the picture on the left to read the story with additional links. We hope the next year brings better health to the Swan family. Is it safer to NOT GO to Pechanga?
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