Thursday, February 19, 2009

PECHANGA SHAME: Without a Tribe's Second Anniversary

Yes, readers, Pechanga SHAME.

This week is the second anniversary of the KNBC NEWS piece WITHOUT A TRIBE. Originally airing in February 2007, this broadcast was one of the highest rated stories. It did so well that they repeated it in its entirety the next day.

In this piece, you can see Pechanga Tribal Spokesman Mark Macarro being caught in a LIE, in his first 16 seconds on air.

The story shows how the Pechanga Tribe hired noted anthropologist Dr. John Johnson to research the ancestry of Paulina Hunter. He proved she was Pechanga and MORE SO than any other family of the tribe. Yet, the Bobbi LeMere led, Frances Miranda-Ihrene Scearse backed enrollment committee did NOT use the report they paid for, instead, using hearsay from an imprisoned child molestor. Bobbie, Frances or Ihrene would not want that person babysitting their grandchildren, but they WOULD let him destroy the heritage of hundreds of the tribe.

Please watch WITHOUT A TRIBE at this link, and then ask yourselves who has a bigger incentive to LIE, Macarro or Dr. Johnson?

Here's what tribal disenrollments are being compare to.
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