Saturday, February 21, 2009

The Descendents of Cherokee Black Slaves

UPDATE: I'm bumping this up as the comments continue to swell.

The folks at Hudson and Holland Scholars have a talk scheduled. Did YOU know that the Cherokees were slavemasters to African people? Did you know they dragged their slaves with them on the "Trail of Tears"? Who cried more, the Cherokee or their SLAVES?

The descendents of Cherokee black slaves

February 13, 2009

The Descendents of the Cherokee Freedmen: Victims of Sovereignty?"
12pm at the Eigenmann 6th Fl Room 621

Talk by Delphine Criscenzo (African American and African Diaspora Studies)"

The descendents of Cherokee black slaves have been faced with severalactions on the part of the Cherokee Nation to revoke their citizenship.
These efforts climaxed in March 2007 and have given birth to an importantwave of resistance. The Cherokee Nation says that their sovereignty as an Indian Nation gives them the right to decide who gets to be Cherokee.
On theside of the descendents of the Cherokee Freedmen, they did not choose to beinvolved with the Cherokee Nation, nor did their ancestors. Is history stillrelevant or are the descendents of the Freedmen the victims of an Indianstruggle to maintain their sovereignty?"
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