Monday, January 29, 2018


Yes, the PRESSURE on the Cleveland Indians to remove their racist caricature CHIEF WAHOO has yielded results:

The enlightened social mores of the mid-to-late 20th century have arrived with a vengeance in Cleveland, the New York Times reports:

The Cleveland Indians will stop using the Chief Wahoo logo on their uniforms beginning in 2019, according to Major League Baseball, which said the popular symbol was no longer appropriate for use on the field.

Images resembling the modern “Chief Wahoo” icon pictured above have been used officially by the team since 1948—and, per this magazine investigation, were used in the Cleveland Plain Dealer newspaper as early as 1932.

We discussed the Cleveland team here  and here a satirical vein.

My friend Jacqueline Keeler wrote about the issue in MY LIFE AS A CLEVELAND INDIAN I urge you ALL to read it...and share it.

Lots of news posts and blog posts about the issue, read DA TECH GUY for one...what are your thoughts?  Our friends at NATIVE OPINION have a podcast on the issue Episode 111 with the filmakers above.


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Anonymous said...

Haha racist? Full blood native, not offended. People need to find REAL issues to complain about. Too many softies these days.