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Tribal Disenrollments Are "Like Being Raped,Then Going to the RAPIST for Justice"

A news story on tribal disenrollments and moratoriums had the perfect quote as a post title, from Carla Maslin, from the Redding Rancheria of Northern California. 400 Pechanga People know exactly what she means, having been "raped" of their citizenship, benefits and security by Pechanga Chairman Mark Macarro, the enrollment committee led by Bobbi LeMere and certain members of the Tribal Council, Russell "Butch" Murphy and Andrew Masiel among them.

From that article:
Tribal membership disputes are also a problem across the country, with as many as 4,000 tribe members fighting for enrollment, said Carla Maslin, a disenrolled member of the Redding Rancheria in Northern California and an advocate for disenfranchised tribe members.
Maslin's case has gone nowhere in tribal court, she said. "It's like being raped and going to the person who raped you for justice," Maslin said.

These enrollment issues don't just strip away income from a potential casino, they limit access to education, health care and the cultural benefits of belonging to a tribe, she said."Someone is trying to steal away something that doesn't belong to them," Maslin said. "They're trying to steal their identity and heritage."

Here was how "those who raped us" administered J U S T I C E
  • The Pechanga Tribe said they'd give us a fair hearing, but consoldidated our cases so that we couldn't individually bring our case forward. (to keep the rapists from having to listen to 95 of my family)
  • We had a limit of to any written statement.
  • We were not allowed to send attachments or records (such as Dr. Johnson's report that determined our family was indeed Pechanga)
  • We must treat our rapists with respect, disrepectful conduct was "not to be tolerated" (lie back and enjoy it)
  • You MAY NOT ask questions, or call witnesses or present additional evidence or documents (we rape, therefore we will hear no evil)
  • You will be subject to a PAT DOWN SEARCH, even if you are elderly and infirm.
  • NO note taking instruments of any kind permitted. (and we won't wear a condom)
  • Grouping will be 15 people and you have 30 minutes (2 minutes per person and we aren't listening anyway, so who cares?)
  • We, the Tribal Council don't have to be on time for your appeal. (Masiel was late, but no matter, his mind was made up)
  • The enrollment committee commands you to use certified documents, however, the EC will accept hearsay from child molester in prison (Megan's Law website: Ibanez, Vincent)
  • Rapist PROHIBIT the presence of legal representatives. (ACLU anyone?)
As you can see, the "rapist" in our case, had their own brand of justice. NO CIVIL RIGHTS for us. And this is who Congressman Darrell Issa and Sen. Jim Battin stand with.  OP: And who Rep. Luis Alejo gives awards to.

From Nov 2008


Luiseno said...

We were given a list of allegations leveled against us and were told to provide documents to refute them, also informed that once we had turned in out documents that they would Not accept and further documents after the initial turn in .

Then we were given a whole new list of allegations, none of which had any semblance to the original allegations, and disenrolled because of these reasons. Bear in mind that they were not accepting and new turn in of information at this time.

So no, we were not even allowed to address those allegations leveled against us.

Luiseno said...

So basically it was this, please address questions we have regarding a,b,c and d and turn in certified blue ribboned documents in regard to a,b,c and d and be for-warned, we will NOT accept any further document turn in after your initial turn in.

Then we receive a notice, you are being disenrolled for reasons w,x,y and z, and NO you can not turn in any further documents regarding these.

'aamokat said...

The big thing they threw at us that we couldn't respond to was that our ancestor Paulina Hunter was supposedly from the San Luis Rey Tribe instead of Pechanga.

The enrollment committee, at the meeting we had with them was, according to the disenrollment procedures, supposed to tell us specifically why the documentation that was used to enroll us did not prove tribal membership, the reasons why the disenrollment was initiated against us in the first place, but they never said why we didn't, in their eyes, meet the requirments.

Obviously if we heard anything about a direct San Luis Rey connection, besides being Luiseno people, we would have focused on refuting that but even so the documents we turned in, if they would have been reviewed in a fair and impartial manner, would have done so.

So we got the Record of Decision against us and we looked at it and thought, "San Luis Rey,where did that come from?"

After we were disenrolled, Dr. John Johnson wrote a letter to the enrollment committee and the tribal council refuting the San Luis Rey claim of the enrollment committee but of course that was after the deadline to submit information.

As most people who come here know, Dr. Johnson had written a report paid for by the enrollment committee that affirmed that Paulina Hunter was indeed a Temecula Pechanga Indian but of course the committee ignored their own commissioned report when they disenrolled us.

One thing that isn't accurate that my brother Luiseno said is that we were told of questions we had to answer about our membership credentials because all we were given was a list of certified and notarized documents to turn in but we were never told why there were questions about our membership.

All we were given were some conclusions in some letters and statements by members of the CPP faction of the tribe that were full of hearsay and inuendo.

So no, we were never told until after we were disenrolled why we were being disenrolled.

smokeybear said...

That post showa to what extent the "Macarro Cartel," namely Mark Macarro and his Henchmen, and his "Iron Fisted Domination" of the Tribal Council and Enrollment Commitee, and the "Treasonous Acts" that he has perpetrated against true Native Americans within his (no our) membership. It is "Beyond Belief" that our Constitution and Bylaws have been circumvented and totally ignored and no longer stand for the rights of the people it is supposed to protect. In the days of old (before the Casino) the Constitution and Bylaws "Was" the "LAW!" And we were a Sovereign Nation then. And as poor as we were, there was "Harmony" within our Membership. Then came the "treasonous Criminal Element (Mark Macarro and his Henchmen) and Corruption and Greed became their only agenda. They (Mark and his Henchmen) knew that with the extent of our voting power that his (Mark's) "Criminal Element" wouldn't have survived. We know and you know.... "They know it!" And this under the supposedly "Watchfull Eyes" of the ""Government (Indian Affairs)" and their unrealistic "Indian Civil Rights Act" which has no power to stop these "Treasonous Acts" against the oppressed Native Ameican Indian. The "Government Indian Affairs" does have the power to invoke "Sactions" against these "Corrupt Criminal Tribal Leaders," but has chosen not to do what is Right and Just for the good all true "Native Americans!" They can not continue this "Blind Eye and Deaf Ear" routinely sideing with the "Criminal Element" in "Indian Country!"

Anonymous said...

I'm not sure Macarro was leading the way.

I think it was the Masiel-Basquez crime family that was doing most of the heavy lifting on our case.

smokeybear said...

For what it's worth, he (Mark) didn't even try to stop it. For if he had, his "Treasonous Criminal Element" wouldn't have stood a chance of surviving with our block of votes. You have to know that he stood in the shadows egging them on. And now with these Disenrollments firmly in place he (Mark) does nothing to recind any and all of these "Illegal Actions." It may have been the Masiel-Basquez Crime Family as the instigators of these "Treasonous Acts", but you have to know he (Mark) had to be right in the middle of this "Criminal Action" for he (Mark) has side stepped every provision that our Constitution and Bylaws have afforded us since the creation of the Casino. He (Mark) was right in the middle of the Tribal Coucil and Enrollment Committee's refusal not to allow our proof to be heard, or acted upon. He (Mark) was right in the middle of the membership voting down Disenrollment and then a year later "Disenrolled 25% of its legal members. So as you can see, he (Mark) has to have been right in the middle of all this "Treachery" and enjoys the fruits of his "Illgotten Gains!" For you see, Birthright and Heritage means nothing to these "Criminals!"

smokeybear said...

Listen, Criminal Elements in Native American Tribes is likened to TROUSER CHILI, it takes Pepto Bismal to eliminate the problem.

Anonymous said...

So you all rolled over and took it then. You've been taking it over and over and over year after year, reliving it every day. And... you write letters. You write angry blogs. Boo hoo. Go do something about it.

Would you please go read some books about the civil rights movement to see how you should be fighting the good fight? There are also plenty of documentaries out there too. If you're lucky, you'll be able to actually find someone that was involved in the marches, wade-ins, sit-ins, and protests.

Violence is not the answer, and neither is writing rambling angry blogs and letters.

smokeybear said...

In anonymous's usual heightend awarenous of our plight against Human and Civil Rights Violations he has a "Point!" we all need to go after these S.O.B.'s with a "Vengence!

Anonymous said...

Would you please go read some books about the civil rights ?

They can't read!

all they can do is blog.


Anonymous said...

" Anonymous said...

Isn't it interesting that the writer displays his/her pride in being Mexican and not Indian? So much so that he/she laughs at un in the Mexican language.

That is what they are doing with JAJAJA it is Mexican computer lingo for our LOL.... When ever you read it, realize they are speaking to you in Mexican.

Anonymous said...

God your smart,not!are you enrolled yet because of your blog talk and your pretty pictures in the paper from the last protest?Your afraid to push the issue,sit-ins?Rent a crowd warriors!


Unknown said...

Tribal leaders like Chairman Greg Sarris who rape and abuse tribal members of their rights for years and years need to be removed from all leadership roles. An 'oops my bad' is not enough. Sarris is highly educated - Ph.D. Level - he acted with malice and forethought.

Unknown said...

Dear Tribal Leaders/Members,

Hold the highly educated, accomplished and self proclaimed ‘Best Indian Ever’ - Chairman Greg Sarris accountable for his offenses and abuses. He freely under oath admitted to his acts but doesn't have the character to even feel embarrassed much less to apologize and make amends. His acts are no less despicable than Weinstein, Lauer or Sessions. We are not the SarrisSaidSo Tribe, no El Jefe, Grand Puba and 6 minions. We are a 21st century tribal entity with 7 elected leaders, hold Chairman Greg Sarris accountable.

Thank you
Lezlie Grigone
December 3, 2017

Unknown said...

Chairman Sarris established a 'two strikes rule', notified every tribal member in writing of the rule. If a tribal member telephones the tribe and is angry 2 times, they can be kicked out and denied services. My daughter had been denied services, instead she was ridiculed and threatened "Greg Sarris kicked her mother out and he can kick her out also."

From spring 2015 Craigslist post:
Sarris ethics woes: Motion to the Court of Public Opinion

Taxpayer supported academias are watching you; they have a right and a need to know. The chairman is also Professor Greg Sarris of Sonoma State University and holds a position of great honor, prestige and must be of upstanding character. To date, he has been unable to man up, unable to apologize/make amends. He has a moral clause and can not be the case study for circumventing responsibility, for surreptitiously avoiding accountability, for cheating.

California State Legislators are watching you; they have a right and a need to know. They are at a loss on how to deal with tyrants like Sarris. When the California voter said "yes" to casinos it was with the premise we would do right by ourselves. Turns out, we missed a beat; people have disputes, there is no place or way to resolve disputes; no place to do right by ourselves. Over the years thousands of violations, thousands, there has been violence.

Tribes across California, 500 Nations are watching you; they have a right and a need to know, many a Constitution bound entity. Our Constitutions are not secret documents. We are accountable to each other.

Tribal members are watching you; they have a right a need to know. Who is safe, who will he cheat and who among you will protect us? Look in your mirror you choose to be a leader.

From fall 2015 Craigslist post: Motion to the Court of Public Opinion & Sarris’s follow-up threat

Threat received via FedEx – if I approach, confront or question Sarris in public or any way embarrass him he will charge me with harassment and kick me out of again.

One in the spring and one in the fall, 2 letters a year is not harassment. 15 years ago after being ousted I sent 3 tart email, Sarris threatened to sic the LA County Sheriff on me; 3 tart emails were not ‘harassment’ then and do not substantiate ‘a pattern of harassment’ today. Phone contact prohibited by Sarris’s edict. In our final phone call before being ousted, Sarris informed me he would not speak to me on the phone again. I was relieved as I found him to be a massively annoying long-talker. He harassed me telephonically. He would call my answering service repeatedly again and again leaving long long messages. It was his regime you were required to listen to his voice for hours and hours. There are no legal advisors to assist one in the Sarrisland court. No hearing is ever scheduled on charges lodged against Sarris. Sarris is a master talker, mesmerizing to some, he could not outtalk the 9th circuit court and testified under
oath my ousting was a mistake. By ousting me he invalidated everybody’s vote, he corrupted the government, and with this corrupt act established ominous control – ‘Do what he wants and don’t talk back.

Anonymous said...

So sad to see that you've all been divided and conquered. Blinded by money, I'm sure once a proud and strong people but now nothing but poisoned hearts. Honor and tradition gone replaced by the white man's ways of a neverending thirst for greed and power. Your ancestors must weep.

Anonymous said...

The headline on this post is true for Pala because people being disenrolled by their chairman Rob Smith, because he is a rapist and should be in prison for doing so.
That's why he has created so many jobs for certain women at the Admin.
He should call the job titles like they are,