Friday, April 10, 2020

Pechanga's Hack Thinks We Should Give Up The Fight For OUR Rights As Original Pechanga People

MORE on Pechanga HACK'S comments

EB, the resident Pechanga Hack made a comment in a previous post :

They may wish to consider instead their fortune as citizens of the greatest nation on Earth. They should orient themselves to basking in the sunshine. They will then enjoy their lives more. 

I believe that if Pechanga would have taken this advice, and not fought for 50 years to get the tribe's water rights, denied by law and courts, restored and clarified by Congress, the storage would be dry.   WHY DIDN'T the TRIBE QUIT?  In fact, on that issue, we didn't quit either, getting critical amendments to the bill that protected the water rights of Temecula Indian Reservaton allottees in 2010 and again in 2015 with Barbara Boxer's people, who admitted that Macarro's lobbyist wife wrote the bill.

Taken from a press release in 2017

The Agreement quantifies the water rights claims for the Pechanga Band in Southern California’s Temecula Valley, which had been pending in an adjudication dating back to the 1950s;  

“The Pechanga Band has tirelessly pursued the quantification of its water rights and, through negotiations, engaged its neighbors in a multiyear process of building mutual trust and understanding,” said Pechanga Chairman Macarro. “Generations of tribal leaders have fought from the courts to Capitol Hill to protect this vital resource for future generations. This settlement agreement benefits all of the parties ...blah, blah, blah

The answer is WE BELONG, We are Pechanga and I will be shouting it from my blog until my last breath.

Our rights were stolen and we'd win in ANY honest court via a preponderance of evidence, including the report the tribe paid for.  We ain't ready to quit or at least...I'm not.  

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Anonymous said...

Yes Mark Macarro wife Hollie might have wrote the bill but Boxer and Feinstein put there names on as authors of it.