Friday, April 10, 2020

Pala Tribal Members Will Enjoy 3 Months of Per Capita Payments: Robert Smith, Chairman has CONSISTENTLY told his Tribe

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We posted earlier on the expectations of the wealthy tribal members being hurt by the loss of per capita due to Casino shutdowns...

As explained from Pala people, that won't be an issue:

The per cap we got paid for March wass from revenues earned in December. Remember that we are always three months behind on per cap. This was said at several meetings by both Robert Smith and Theresa Nieto. 

That is excellent news for those tribal members who remain after the disenrollment of 154 of their family members

With an upstanding leader like Robert Smith, what could go wrong?

Original Pechanga's Tribal Disenrollment Blog: PALA TRIBE'S Indian ...


Anonymous said...

Sorry, I heard the opposite of this message. So only time will tell!

OPechanga said...

Me too, but I wanted to get this out there first...

Anonymous said...

That's Smiths way of telling a joke.
The only members that will receive 3 months of per capita will be the EC members, Smiths brother Andrew and Smith's daughters.
Evert other member will only get the scraps from their meals.
We all know his checks are full of lies.
But he better remember his seat is up this election year.

Anonymous said...

Fuck that pig, if he had a neck someone should cut it ear to ear.
And make his daughters drink his blood.

Anonymous said...

Who got arrested in pala last night for “Snapchat Shooting”?

Anonymous said...

Don't know be what i do know is the wrong people keep getting shot in Pala.
Smith and Nieto are the biggest targets if they don't find a way to pay their members.
The lies just don't cut anymore.
Someone will get fed up especially the younger groups that need their money for their and their friends life styles.