Thursday, April 9, 2020

Pechanga Tribal Hack Still Spewing LIES After 15 Years, They Are Still Lies


Since the two disenrollments of large families from Pechanga in 2004 and 2006, one commenter on posts here and in other meetings come forth to spew the same tired lies about what went on.
Since we know who his is, we know he was not there for either disenrollment actions by council or committee.  Therefore he either pulls the comments out of his ass, or maybe his sister told him some lies.  I'll do a quick drive-by in bold

As a rule, the individuals who became disenrolled failed to meet the criteria for tribal membership. It's that simple.  OP: Wrong, all criteria were met

In addition, as a matter of history, others have noted that disenrollment resolved longstanding concerns about the membership of the disenrollees.  OP: Hearsay, including from an imprisoned child molestor, sworn testimony in Luieseno said different. People alive in our family's case

Disenrollment thus confined the tribal membership roll to individuals with verifiable facts and information for establishing their membership.   OP: With another family, the tribe wouldn't dispute the verified facts, but simply said a 5 year old made the decision to cut ties. (You don't let a 5 year old, cut their meat with a knife)

We may sympathize with the disenrollees who became used to life with a big monthly per capita check but lost it once the tribe examined their membership claim in light of membership criteria.  OP: don't sympathize, follow tribal law and use the documents the tribe paid for and ignored.

Yet this sympathy goes only so far. After all, prior to their ouster, the disenrollees knowingly accepted a monthly per capita check despite their lack of membership qualifications.  OP: It was our right, we also collected nothing when there was nothing. Unlike say, the Rose Murphy descendants.

Others apart from the historical action to disenroll non-members may wonder how these individuals became erroneously enrolled in the first place. They fell into a category known as "close, social, and economic ties." By this means, they inveigled themselves into the tribe while others winked at their actual status as non-members. OP: There is no such thing. And, we have land since the beginning of the reservation, unlike, MASIELS/Basquez.

When tribes began distributing profits from their tribal casino business, these tribes in time began the process of careful distinction between themselves and others.  OP: DING DING DING... others (classification).. one of the 8 stages of genocide

As well, by law, the latter group does not qualify for gaming profits. Only enrolled tribal members have a rightful claim to receive per capita payments. The tribal leadership thus had a duty to clear the tribal membership roll of unqualified individuals, who then on scrutiny became duly disenrolled.    OP: The only way to do this was act outside tribal law, which they did.

A reader may notice the confusion, anger, and disappointment of the disenrollees. They feel cheated. They lash out at others whom they blame for their predicament due to their disenrollment. They cannot accept their fate. They suffer torment. In this condition, they stew to no good end.  OP: Pechanga as a tribe fought for over 50 years to get their water rights back, shouldn't they have accepted their fate.  The stew is better when stirred...

They may wish to consider instead their fortune as citizens of the greatest nation on Earth. They should orient themselves to basking in the sunshine. They will then enjoy their lives more.    OP: In the Olympic year, the motto, It's not the triumph, but the struggle comes to mind.  I enjoy what I do, exposing the lies of Pechanga hack, EB..

Read the comments and you will read the truths missing from EB's comments above. 


Anonymous said...

Its very simple to settle this. Pechanga tribal government can set aside it sovereignty on this issue and settle this in the dept. of interior base on the tribal constitution, by-laws and all documentation of the hunters disenrollment including the DR. John Johnson report that the enrollment committee pay him to do.

Reinstatement_Restitution said...

Don't let the DOI decide. They hate Indians.

OPechanga said...

The Hunter family has the PREPONDERANCE of evidence, that would win in ANY court.
Pechanga used the Nuh-uh evidence....