Wednesday, April 8, 2020

Joe Campinell, Who Lead L'Oreal to the Top of the Beauty Industry, Dies of Coronavirus Complications

Joe Campinell
photo from WWD

Occasionally, I step outside tribal issues to post of things that matter to me. THIS is one. My first known casualty of #coronavirus.

I've been touched by coronavirus. I worked for this incredible man while I was at L'Oreal. Joe Campinell was a VP of Marketing who rose to the top of our company. We passed Clairol in Haircolor sales, acquired Maybelline, brought Garnier to the US, Carson, Redken. He was a leader.

There were many moments of pride in our work, comic relief, and pride in how we kicked ass in the industry. HE made L'Oreal he #1 beauty brand as we brought CLASS to MASS.

Sad day. They say complications of the cornonavirus, but all deaths are being reported as coronavirus deaths, even if only a positive test.       Please read

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