Sunday, March 22, 2020

Should Fired (Laid Off) Pechanga Employees FINALLY UNIONIZE?

In posting about the closure of Pechanga Resort and Casino last week, and then the tribe reneging on the promise to pay employees during the temporary closure, it makes me wonder if it's time to UNIONIZE?  Is the Unite Here union a right fit for Pechanga employees?

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Viejas, lost their battle against the union remember?

The Viejas Casino and Resort in southern California is a "commercial enterprise" whose operation does not impact the tribe's ability to govern itself, Judge Mara-Louise Anzalone asserted in the 17-page decision. The majority of its employees and customers are non-Indian and no treaty rights are implicated, she added.
"Finally," she wrote, "there is no evidence in the language or legislative history of the [National Labor Relations] Act to suggest that Congress intended to exclude Native Americans or their commercial enterprises from the Act’s jurisdiction."

What does the UNION have to offer 4,500 Pechanga Family Members?
Can they make the case to the rank & file?   I don't know enough about the Unite Here Union, but I KNOW about Pechanga....

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