Monday, March 23, 2020

Pala Resort & Casino LAYOFFS: Employee Information

Pala Resort & Casino. led by the despicable Robert Smith, is doing a solid for the casino employees being laid off.  They are paying healthcare benefits through April 30th.   Watch for expiration date of this promise, like what happened at Pechanga.

From the PALA website:

Team Member Update as of 3/20/20
Healthcare BenefitsYour benefits have been paid through March 31, and we will continue to pay them through April 30, 2020. We will evaluate this situation beyond that time if the current situation continues.
Requesting PTOIf you are planning on using PTO during the closure, requests must be submitted on a per pay period basis, by Sunday end of pay period. Please submit your written request for PTO for up to 80 hours and specify the pay period for which you are requesting PTO.

They removed benefits including per capita from the Brittain family, so if they cheat their own people, they could cheat their employees too
Margarita Brittain

For more on Pala's tribal issues, go to PALA WATCH


brinta jacob said...

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Anonymous said...

@ brinta jacob
Go start your own blog and stay off of ours.
We don't care about your bullshit we care only about our people that were wronged by corrupt leaders of our Reservation.
So go away and leave us alone.