Tuesday, December 3, 2019

Is Pechanga Chairman Mark Macarro a Political Albatross? His Backing Produces Losers Including Hillary Clinton, Kamala Harris

It appears that the only candidate that Mark Macarro backs that can win is HIMSELF. And that after eliminating 25% of his potential opposition votes via tribal disenrollment.   The leader of the Apartheid tribal nation of Temecula can't produce a winner?

His candidates haven't done so well
Andrew Masiel , a loser who was a loser in CA-75 election to Marie Waldron
Hillary Clinton a big electoral loser to (gasp!) Donald Trump
and now his huge endorsement, broadcast to Twitter by Kamala Harris lead NOWHERE, she dropped like a stone:

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Anonymous said...

Macarro looks like a gay squirrel in his picture.
I can't believe that Betty Murphy was married to him.
She deserves a lot better than a two faced aids looking dead beat like Macarro.
Is that a tattoo on his neck or is it a pattern to follow with a razor knife.