Friday, January 11, 2019

Voice Of America Gives Native Americans A Chance to Speak Out on the SHUTDOWN

Cecily Hilleary, who did excellent work on the tribal disenrollment story last year ( Native American Tribal Disenrollment Reaching Epidemic ... ) has a story up today about how some Native's feel about the shutdown. 

Cecily herself is affected by the shutdown...a government employee, working without a paycheck
Pechanga Tribe is protected BY GUNS
I'm lucky to be quoted in the it and share.

Rick Cuevas, a Pechanga Indian from Upland, California, who blogs about tribal enrollment issues, sees the wall as an important component of U.S. immigration policy.
"My Pechanga tribe in Temecula, California, has armed guards at the gate to protect those on the inside, and nobody disagrees with that," he said.
Cuevas said the government should crack down on illegal immigrants already inside the U.S. and take action against people smugglers, so-called "coyotes."
"People looking to come in illegally pay a 'coyote' between $4,000 and $8,000 to help them sneak across our borders," Cuevas said. "Why shouldn't we let immigrants pay the U.S. to come in legally? Four-thousand-dollars per person would add up to a lot of money we could use to defray the costs of having them here." 
Thank you Cecily for giving Native Americans a voice and for telling our stories...

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Anonymous said...

Very true sir.
Those that are here are the main ones taking advantage of the U.S.
I remember when Marrcaro was younger when he used to transport some of the illegal for beer money.
And now he supports the illegals that he keeps
enrolled in the Pechanga tribe.
Better have ICE investigate some of his Native
people that have no right to be enrolled .
The only thing that the Trump wall will do is keep the illegals here from crossing back to Mexico. That's what Trump is worried about,
who will harvest all the crops that were planted by the illegals.
Who will replace all the illegal working at the Casinos, and all the fast food places.
Not white people and not Casino Indians.
So now you see why Trump needs the wall.
Keep America safe and stop the illegals from leaving the United States Trump.