Tuesday, January 15, 2019

Government Shutdown: Is The Bureau of Indian Affairs NON-ESSENTIAL?

Non Essential Personnel?
Curious that after sending some our our B.I.A employees a link to my post of Emilio Reyes' lawsuit regarding the department's failures in providing documents under the Freedom of Information Act, I got these bounce messages:
Due to a lapse in appropriations the Department of Interior, Bureau of Indian Affairs, is currently shut down. I will respond when the government reopens.

So far, over 15% of the emails sent have come back.  So, who is minding the department?

Indianz has a post up about #ShutdownStories   it's sad that the Federal Government thinks their treaty obligations are NON ESSENTIAL, don't you think?


Dirtymoccasin67 said...

I have land that I was waiting to be approved. I been waiting patiently but what if the government don't open back up? I'm going to move on land since I do have paperwork just not what BIA is suppose to give. Land also that belong to my dad is suppose to be found out why it wasn't past to me since I'm his child????? The way I'm looking at it is get my land. My own self.

Anonymous said...

Did anyone miss the BIA while the Government was shut down.
I know i didn't.
We would all be much better off if they would shut down the BIA forever.
BIA should stand for BIG INDIAN ASSHOLES.