Wednesday, January 16, 2019

Pala Casino REPLACES CEO Amid Fierce Competition In San Diego

 The Pala Band of Mission Indians, a tribe that exterminated Indians via disenrollment, is struggling at their casino.   Karma?  San Diego UT has the story.

Pala Casino Spa & Resort, has replaced its CEO.  In March, former CEO Bill Bembenek acknowledged to the Union -Tribune that an unspecified number of layoffs — coming amid its planned $170 million expansion — was due in part to the economic pressures from “an increasingly competitive Southern California casino resort market.”

Besides Bembenek, Pala’s longtime PR director is also no longer employed by the casino, but reports that Pala had terminated several other high-level members of its executive team and had cancelled its annual Christmas bonus to employees could not be confirmed.

From the comments of the PALA WATCH post, corrupt tribal chairman ROBERT SMITH was called out;:

Pala members had better wake up and see what is happening. Robert Smith is the majority owner of Pala Interactive. He is building up the value of the business by taking money out of the Casino and increasing the value of his share. This probably means that he is creating an escape plan that will enable him to get away with hundreds of millions of dollars. Since Pala Interactive is unregulated, it doesn't matter if their website says PBMI is the owner. Smith can sell his share and keep the money legally unless the Band moves in and shows that the money he invested in Pala Interactive was not his own money and was instead tribal funds that were converted to his personal assets. 


Anonymous said...

Smith let he go because he was afraid that
the CEO would tell everyone that Smith did in fact demand a $ 100,000.00 dollar check from the casino in late November/ early December.
I hope the IRS and the FBI follow up on the recent filed complaint about the demand for the check by Robert Smith.

Anonymous said...

Pala is becoming a laughing stock, those members are so dictated it is not even funny. The members do whatever Robert tells them they can do, and they have no freedom, but they get money! HA Ha, which is clearly going away more every year. Did the members sell their souls to the devil? Are they now stuck with what they have? None of them can step up and fight this, the ones who did got torn down by Smith and laughed at and mocked by the other members, and now look. Their per-capita has gone down $7000.00 a month since the disentollments, they have lost all bonuses where before the disenrollments they were receiving about 3 bonuses a year of different amounts. So the disenrollments helped the people get more money and more peace and happiness, right? Ha. Sounds like the only hope for the members is either getting rid of Robert, hoping God steps in, (because the FBI clearly refuses to do anything for some invalid reason, but those agents will have to have their own consequences for letting this corruption continue, people are getting hurt), or if the disenrolled win a case and are able to step in and heal this Band. If this does not happen, Robert and his EC will eventually eliminate any per-cap, while they and their families drive around in new expensive cars, vacation anywhere flying in the Band's jets, buy new homes in different areas, continue to get bailed out of jail, and receive raises and bonuses on their per-caps. You go Pala!

Anonymous said...

I heard that the fired CEO is filing a lawsuit against Smith as Chairman of the Gaming board
at Pala Casino for wrongfully firing him.Plus other issues that could bring Smith and the Gaming board to their knee's.

WeRone said...

Karma will always correct mistakes. The truth will always outshine lies and misinformation. Elders had enough abuse when settlers rallied them and forced them to reservations. Now some bands practice apartheid on the reservations. They learned this and follow it by outsiders. This is the Sad TRUTH

Anonymous said...