Saturday, January 26, 2019

The FACE of Disenrollment: Cathy Cory and her Ancestor Chief Hawa of Chukchansi

Our series on the Faces of Disenrollment continues with  Chief Hawa descendants of the Picayune Rancheria of Chukchansi Indians,who were disenrolled in one of the largest mass disenrollments in the history of Indian Country.  Sadly one of many in that disgraced tribe. and share.

Cathy Cory and Chief Hawa

When your own people can steal your birthright away from you, it hurts," said Cathy Cory, who was disenrolled,   from the Picayune Chukchansi tribe. "It's obscene that a very few are getting so rich, and there is so much poverty in Indian country."

Cory  is a direct descendant of Hawa, the last true chief of the Picayune Chukchansi tribe; during her disenrollment hearing, she propped next to her an iconic photo taken of him in 1901 at 101 years old.    A reminder, they disenroll the ANCESTORS, which then cuts your ties to the tribe.  Chief Hawa had NO opportunity to defend himself against the lies being told to eliminate the family.

As soon as she was ousted, Corey's daughter lost tribal college funding of $2,000 per semester.  I'd say she lost her heritage, but it was STOLEN from her, from people like Morris Reid.

Cathy still follows her native traditions and we profiled her experience in attending a tribal meeting, which is akin to walking into a lion's den:

Normally we must go through a metal detector ,have our purses searched, be wanded and show our Tribal card just to get in the door. I don't why it wasn't like that today. Cathy came on in. Said hello to friend and family and was welcomed with hugs from many. Cathy took a seat. She stayed the entire meeting. She even visited with people afterwards. Cathy KNOWS she's a Tribal member and obviously God does too cuz' He was with her today.

Apparently, there were no tribal members to speak out against her.   She was the Rosa Parks of the Chukchansi disenrolled today.

Disenrolled for over 10 years, Cathy Cory has kept the struggle for her rights and the rights of nearly 1,000 disenrolled Chukchansi people going, while many others have stood back and watched from the sidelines. She is the right woman to lead this fight, through her grace and fighting spirit.


Anonymous said...

Stripping others rights. Some believe that is ok?

Anonymous said...

When a band stripped current members from the band and disenrolled they are honoring what the true elders went through when settlers stripped them of their birthrights and forced them to colonize on reserves. Elders deserve to be honored not stripped of the inherent rights. Broadcast the whole TRUTH

Anonymous said...

My family, which is also descended from Chief Hawa, has also been disenrolled. We have proof of our heritage and it has not helped. It’s a slap in the face for our ancestors.

Unknown said...

My family was disrnrolled too. Chief Hawa was my dad's great great grandfather. His daughter was his great gra dither married to Thur Strombeck. We have our family tree. I have letters from BIA.
What a shame this happened from greed. Shame on these people.

patrick said...

I would like to speak to you. please contact me 351-3894