Friday, July 27, 2018


Everyone has been asking "What's the latest at Pechanga regarding the elections?"  They are usually held in the summer.

Well, will wonders and miracles NEVER cease?  For the first time this century, and for the most of recent (50 years) elections, THERE WAS NO opposition to the elected officials of the Pechanga Band of Luiseno Indians.

THAT is what happens when you disenroll any political opposition.  People get afraid to "rock the boat" or dip their oar in the water.   And as is customary with Democrats, of which, most of the council is...they stifle dissent.

Macarro has said that everyone is happy with the council (which includes a felon) yet, even when the casino first appeared, there was opposition for every seat.   Has the Crime Family and Macarro reached a detente?

Here are some links about the corruption at Pechanga, where Mark Macarro has ruled with an iron hand:

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Anonymous said...

Sounds just like what is happening down at Pala with Robert Smith.
The truth is that 90% of the members are not happy with their current EC members but are afraid to do anything about it because of the dirty tactics of the current EC members.

'aamokat said...

Most of them at Pechanga are not afraid, they just don't care as the money is coming in.

Anonymous said...

Pala's money is coming in also, into the pockets of the corrupt EC

Anonymous said...

As a person who quit going to Pechanga because of your site, I take offense at your bashing of Democrats. We are in a time where the Republicans want to take away all of our rights, yet you bash democrats? Are the Republicans helping your cause? I'm really for your cause, but think the cheap shots at Democrats is uncalled for. Just my opinion.