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Monday, March 12, 2018

PALA vs. Pechanga Casino Expansions: Pechanga KNOCKS OUT PALA

Pala Casino Spa & Resort confirmed an unspecified number of layoffs, citing facility closures prompted by a $170 million expansion and remodeling as well as economic pressures from “an increasingly competitive Southern California casino resort market.”

THANKS ROBERT SMITH, Mark Macarro is kicking your ass in the business arena.  Two titans of disenrollment in business clash, PALA on the losing end.....


Anonymous said...

However they are both losers in the leadership arena.
Two big flops of cow shit.

Anonymous said...

Go into Pechanga in the daytime and you will see its dead as hell there too. Maybe that big expansion is going to hurt the tribe as well. Whoever planned that new valet area should be fired. And that dumb people mover is a bust too. It's turning into a bunch of bus people playing 20 cents or 40 cents a pull.

Anonymous said...

"KARMA"is a beech..Then you die..Well it's about time..These Meat wads get their karma.. We bet That Mark mascabrone" puto".. goes bankrupt before Mr. "Fatboy"..Pala Man".LMAO! One of our informants claim negotiations meetings on Palas new family circus circus casino...this might for sure become a karma flop for that fatboy Smith"sonian after all thee grimy things he has done too the real true natives.. meanwhile as for Allen Lawson. David toler and Mark mascabrone and Smithsonian re open a
new casino ..Called Gammorah Roman with Romantic Roman baths and Spas Free buffet and complimentary Elizabeth warden and burlesque show by Amy.Deushtke

H Caulfield said...

I would throw up watching an Amy Deushtke burlesque show.

Unknown said...

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