Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Mark Macarro: Native America's Vladimir Putin? Only the Numbers Are Different

Let's begin by saying what must be said:

Pechanga Tribal Chairman Mark Macarro is a strongman and a thug whose authoritarian regime rigs elections, has control of tribal media outlets,  regularly stamps out dissent, invades private property, lies to congress, disappears the opposition, abuses human rights, stinks of corruption and meddles in other nation's sovereignty-- including tribal casino opportunities, where he was the state SPOKESPERSON in pro-tribal casino referendums.

Vlad Putin
Russian Strongman

Mark Macarro
Pechanga Tribal Chairman

Is that any different that what Putin does in Russia? 

We have congresspeople and media up in arms for Trump congratulating Putin on his election victory, yet in Temecula, CA, we have our governor, local and national politicians like Darrell Issa and Ken Calvert and local media like the Riverside Press Enterprise regularly ignoring the civil and human rights violations of their tribal neighbor and attending functions at their casino and accepting ad monies.  Even the DNC and Hillary Clinton were Pro-Macarro. 

To add insult to injury, Native American entities that rise up against a nickname, are silent to the abuses of people like Macarro, even honoring them.

There are degrees of sin and crimes, surely, but where does a line be drawn?  How many does it have to happen to, TO BE WRONG? 

Apartheid?    Nope, okay.
Elder Abuse Nuh-uh, that's okay too.
Theft of Heritage? LOL, what's THAT?
Election Rigging? Child's play
Stripping Citizenship?   It could happen

If you get rid of your opposition and their votes, how can you lose? It's not murder Pechanga members fear, it's losing their share of casino profits, which can leave them penniless.  And Macarro knows it.

Trump phone Putin to "congratulate him on his victory", media pounces after ignoring the fact that Obama did the exact same thing.  Politicians stood up to apartheid in South Africa, yet stand idly by when it's in their own backyard. 

Thanks for NOTHING Senators FEINSTEIN and Harris (and Boxer before her) and thanks for NOTHING Governor Brown.  Failure to lead, failure to protect the defenseless and saluting corruption is your legacy.


Anonymous said...

Mark how can you walk around like you are the holy one without any sin?
Don't you care what the future hold for you family and friends?
You may think that no one will remember your lies and corruption that have spread through not only your Reservation but through out the entire State but you are wrong.
You and others like you like Robert Smith in Pala have no clue what is in store for your families in the near future.
You may think that you are going to get away with your evilness but you are totally wrong because the higher power will get you in the end, you good for nothing fake assholes have taken a good thing and turned it into something so evil that Satan is even ashamed of you.


Anonymous 3:51
Is so right,hahaha, Nark fart Macarro may think that he is going to get away with his evilness of Sins....But one fine Jubilee day, oh yeah, one fine jubilee day..All these guys are about to get what they deserve that includes Mr. Pala Man" himself "Smithsonian" and his boyfriends Allen lawson and David Toler.For many who hold the Ghost know what is coming upon these Men, these Men of great greed and Corruption who one day are going to Wish That the rocks of mountains would fall on them. but death will not be a luxury for these type, who by their Greed and corrupted ways made many suffer and had many pure native blood families get push into poverty and away from their lands... Putin, Hitler and Stalin,Mussolini and gang-us khan Allen Lawson are wishing they made better choices in their life~But it too late!..NATIVE COUNTRY knows...and will continue watching as these Infidels fall like dead leaves in front of cars pointing to the south...

Anonymous said...

3:51 you hit the nail on the head with your post.
I and many others are with you concerning the future of these Corrupt leaders that have kicked many Native American people out because of greed of money.
We all pray daily for the higher power to take justice upon them.
And we all believe that that time is very near.

Anonymous said...

Don't leave out the rest of the white pechanga members who know that their not indian but yet they vote to commit fraud.They steal money and try to justify it in their little brain's theft.And one day when they fall down and grab their heart (heart attack) their life flashes before them and GOD say's why were you doing that? Was it for the money or were you doing that for me?Or for yourself?

Anonymous said...

From some of rumors around Robert Un Smith probably won't be around much longer. His health is starting to fail him and so maybe he will be the next to die in Pala. Oh thank you Creator for this justice upon one of the EVILEST men to walk this earth.
Thank you taking out the trash that no one wanted to touch because they didn't want to their hands dirty.
How about Nieto? Is she still well or is she getting sick also.

Anonymous said...

She seems healthy so I guess her karma is to stay around and watch her loved ones die off and pay for her evil actions.
If that's the case then anyone close to her should start praying that they won't be the next to die because of the evil bitch.
Karma works in many different ways and most people don't understand it.