Wednesday, March 28, 2018

USSC Stand Silent to the ABUSE of Tribal Members By Tribal Governments in Denying Cert For Jessica Tavares vs. United Auburn

OK to ABUSE Tribal Members
said 9th Circuit

The U.S. Supreme Court on Monday continues to avoid cases involving Native American issues — including one challenging a decision backing the United Auburn Indian Community’s right to banish a member from tribal land

The justices denied a petition for writ of certiorari from UAIC member Jessica Tavares that asked the high court to reverse a split Ninth Circuit panel’s March 2017 ruling that her banishment from some lands on the tribe’s California reservation for a limited time didn’t violate the Indian Civil Rights Act.

Fred J. Hiestand, an attorney for Tavares, expressed dissatisfaction with the Supreme Court's denial.

“The federal government does not hesitate to spend billions of dollars to protect the civil rights of people under despotic rule in foreign countries, but when it comes to American Indians within our own borders, we talk a good game about their rights under the Indian Civil Rights Act while continuing to withhold from them any remedy to enforce those rights," Hiestand said in a statement.

A Ninth Circuit majority in Tavares’ case in a March 2017 ruling upheld a district court’s dismissal of habeas corpus petitions brought by Tavares and three other tribe members, saying that the lower court was right to find it lacked jurisdiction to review the members’ temporary exclusion claims under the ICRA.

That appeal arose out of actions taken by the tribal council of the United Auburn Indian Community, which owns  the Thunder Valley Casino Resort in California, after the habeas corpus petitioners disagreed with how the council was governing internal tribal affairs.

 Doug Elmets, spokesman for the United Auburn Indian Community, as well as another abusing tribe, the Pala Band of Mission Indians, said in a statement that “the tribe has prevailed in three federal courts and in two tribal forums before that. The case is finally over and the tribal council decision under tribal law is vindicated.”

The federal government declined comment on the case.


Anonymous said...

Good old Doug Elmets is still digging his hole to hell. United Auburn, aren't they the ones who first disenrolled in California, and Howard Dickstein and Amy were Kahootz together to makes sure she got enrolled, and of course Pala(With it's King Robert Smith) is in there somewhere. These people are powerful, but not more than God. Keep fighting eventually these evil people will fall and when they do it will be hard and we will celebrate.

Anonymous said...

I guess that the laws only protect the ones that control the money.
How can anyone get justice for the corrupt Tribal leaders in todays would.
If you try to solve it legally your put down.
You say anything against the corruption of Tribal leaders you get kicked in the balls and ousted from your Tribe/Band.
But if you try to defend your self in the corruption of these Tribal no goods, then the law will step in and arrest you.
What has become of the customs and traditions of the Native American
So nothing can be done because Congress is to chicken shit to act on
the corruption issues.This should be a red flag as to the way Congress is just as corrupt and evil as the leaders of these tribes are.Its all about the MONEY.
No one will listen until such time that someone starts a riot on the Reservation and demands action or kills one of the corrupt leaders like Macarro or Smith.

a. robot said...

This is the former chairwoman who was banished from the trobe for corruption, similar to how the Mirandas were banished from Pechanga.


Always remember brothers and sisters.. History will always repeat itself..This Foul and Injust government is Asking for a WAR against God's first nation and these corrupted Idoits and their worthless American money or Politics is not going to save them. LMAO!! I laugh! And The other nations laugh at Americas worthless wealth..for Anything not built under Yeshua God's foundation..will cme crumbling down and I've seen it so many times..The more the first chosen nations pray...The more this GOV starts to FALL.."Get your drums and rattles...cause we are going into battle:..Yaaay! Kumeyaay!

Anonymous said...

How many Native American people that have been abused and kicked in the balls are tired of being turned away by the courts that are supposed to be equal and trustworthy?
It's a waste of time and money to fight this corrupt assholes.
It's time to show the U.S Government and the corrupt leaders that we are tired and fed up with todays corruption d we intend to act accordingly to take what ever action is available to make them listen and do the right thing.
If it takes a riot then so be it.
If it takes taking control of the Admin buildings then so be it.
The law will not help the abused in todays world it only helps those with that control the money.
I say FUCK the law and fuck the corrupt leaders, take what's yours and make them fight you to try and get it back.
Reverse the tables on them and see how they like it.
Disenroll Macarro and Smith and their families should be first on the agenda.