Monday, March 19, 2018


Eric Enriquez, disenrolled from Pinoleville Pomo Nation, has a brutal essay in the Anderson Valley Advertiser on tribal corruption ,led by charter members of the Original Pechanga Native American Hall of Shame Leona Williams, and their BIA benefactors.
Leona Williams

We wrote about Pinoleville and their termination of the Tillie Hardwick family almost a DECADE ago...

In the article, Enriquez writes:

The defendants, as listed, can be tricky to comprehend. Simply, Leona Williams has rebuilt a hijacked tribe and stacked that nation’s government with her close family members. Over the course of the last 15 years or so, they have formed various entities for the purpose of accepting and spending millions of dollars. 

They have the expected amount of grant-funded programs, which should get the tribe blacklisted by the EPA, HUD and other key funding entities once these charges are easily proven. They attempted to operate a marijuana grow which was handily deleted by local officials.
Additionally, they have undertaken to participate in off-Reservation development projects with generally abominable outcomes. They ruined the historic Hopland Inn. They failed to operate a sushi spot/nightclub north of Ukiah.
Most, if not all, of these activities were spearheaded by their non-Native business partner Michael Canales. Canales is a developer from Escondido who appeared directly after the Bureau of Indian Affairs helped Leona to disenroll most local members of the tribe (including yours truly) and to ratify a new and impossibly non-democratic constitution.

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