Friday, March 3, 2017

VOICE of AMERICA on Tribal Disenrollment: The Destruction in Native America

The Voice of Americareports on the tribal disenrollment epidemic.  Grateful to be quoted in this article

Rick Cuevas, Original Pechanga Blogger with his ancestor Paulina Hunter who was
disenrolled 107 years after her death, by a corrupt Pechanga Tribal Council
                                                       (Photo: Iliana Cuevas)
“They have desecrated the memory of our ancestors,” Cuevas said. “The Pechanga tribal chairman has ripped our history from us, without evidence. And yet his ancestor, back in the day, called my ancestor ‘Aunt.’”
FUNNY, MACARRO will NEVER mention this. Nor the fact that he's keeping his OWN cousins out of the tribe.

Disenrollment is an epidemic in reservations across Indian country. Cuevas tracks these cases on his Original Pechanga website: So far, 11,000 Indians have been exiled from dozens of tribes. In one of the more extreme cases, tribal members living off California’s tiny Elem Pomo colony attempted to disenroll every Elem Pomo Indians living on the colony – among them, the last living speaker of the Elem Pomo language.



Justice for Bob Foreman and family said...

Thanks for all you do rick! Our voices are being heard! Very sad and shameful these tribes are doing this just for extra casino profit. Justice will come!

Anonymous said...

Yes Rick you have done so much for so many disenrolled and you have helped to bring us all together so we do not feel alone. Thank you for the hard work not just on your blog but with all your posts and tweets too. You are getting the word out for sure. I hope that all disenrolled will feel empowered enough to join this fight. It just takes a click of the mouse to join in. I know it is hard because we all have family that are still members and who get mad at us for fighting because it might jeopardize their membership. It is hard, especially if you have to live near or with them. Also other members talk bad about the disenrolled and so I know you do not want to be singled out and harassed more. If more disenrolled got involved though we could make a lot more noise. There are so many of us, please don't give up, there are people who are fighting, and if you can't find the time or the desire to step up and fight for your blood, then at leas please pray for those who are, because if we win then you all win.

Unknown said...

You My Native Brother surely earned a whole lot more. I know within all your work you have been putting in you have been MAKING A DIFFERENCE....everything takes it's own time ...hell....our People still fighting for our land,rights,and so forth sadly from our very own so called tribes. Thanks for being a Hero !!
Many Ahos!!
All my Relations
Maxina Rabang