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Monday, March 27, 2017

San Pasqual Descendants LOWER the BOOM on FAKE INDIANS

BOOM.  THIS is how you DO IT.   Huumaay Quisquis, descendant of San Pasqual,  REAL San Pasqual Indians, confronts San Pasqual Tribal council member Dave Toler, whom we wrote about last week.   WATCH how the audience scurries out when the TRUTH is exposed about the TAKEOVER of San Pasqual by those WITHOUT BLOOD OF THE BAND


Please watch, please share....this is MASTERFUL.  JUSTICE is for it



The showdown! hahahahaha~ Check out pale face "David Toler" Cowboy hat dude"...Speechless and dumbfounded..." He was an Ignorant specimen not prepared for this showdown. That was destined to occur....ha! But this is only the beginning of the end. "Everyone and there mother in California Indian land, knows that this man "David Toler" wrote a book to "deterrent any suspicion about him and his Trask descendants being frauds! Ha!.. "But david is not alone in his fraud life...there are more frauds ..In this tribe..To be continued.

"The Truth will set many free".. D.N.A.

Anonymous said...

Sit down Quis Quis, is that a real Indian beard.
It must be fake because a real Native American could never grow a full beard like that.
Or maybe your pubic hair is growing in the wrong spot. Oh well.

Anonymous said...

Now I see why he looks like a dick.
It's the pubes on his face.

Anonymous said...

We need to do this to Robert Smith of pala he is a big jurk we need to bring out the truth who he is were he came from.

Anonymous said...

Right, on! Go for it! Take the Trask down. Great job!

Anonymous said...

You are right 9:53, him and a few others on the EC in Pala, or is it
Smithsville Indian Reservation.

Anonymous said...

For all of those that don't know, the step-father of Frank Trask, Toler's Great-Grandfather, Calvin Washburn, burned the San Pasqual off of their aboriginal land in 1878. While the San Pasqual Indians relocated in the area after being ejected from their land, the White Trask (white, Ohio), Washburn (white,Ohio) and Bevington's (white, Ohio) moved in. Years later, Frank Trask, son of Rosewell Trask, married a half-blood woman from Mesa Grande. In 1910, he was hired by the Bureau of Indian Affairs as an employee. Between 1910 and 1955, Trask, and after his death in 1920, his Wife and 2 daughter, Florence and Helen, kept the San Pasqual Indians off of their trust patented land. After he stopped working for the Bureau, they became squatters on the San Pasqual land. In 1955, during hearings before the California Legislature, it was exposed that the Bureau knew the Trask's were not San Pasqual Indians, and that they had kept the Indians from their land! In 1959, the Bureau presented to the San Pasqual Indians an Enrollment Statute; language within the statute provided that to be enrolled in the Tribe, an Indian must have no less than 1/8 degree BLOOD OF THE SAN PASQUAL BAND. But, when the Enrollment regulation was published, the Bureau added a paragraph that allowed the Trask's to be considered for enrollment. In 1966, the Bureau manipulated language, and by Secretarial Decision, TOTAL INDIAN BLOOD was used for enrollment of the Trask's, and one other family. These NON-SAN PASQUAL people are enrolled in the Tribe. That is not even the worst, these NON-SAN PASQUAL INDIANS, Allen Lawson, Cheryl Calac, Dave Toler, Audrey Toler, etc., have gerrymandered the Tribal Government and have actively failed to enroll the TRUE SAN PASQUAL INDIANS in their own Tribe. I hope this puts this video in to perspective. DAVE TOLER MAY BE ENROLLED IN THE SAN PASQUAL TRIBE BY AN ACT OF THE BUREAU OF INDIAN AFFAIRS, BUT HE IS NOT A SAN PASQUAL INDIAN - NOR ARE ANY OF THE TRASK FAMILY MEMBERS.

Anonymous said...


WeRone said...

When the TRUTH is shared. Exciting

Anonymous said...

So how do the Altos figure into all of this? It is my understanding that the Altos are of the blood of the tribe but were disenrolled.

Anonymous said...

An alto is a saxophone isn't it.
There is an Alto and a Tenner saxophone.

Anonymous said...

Whatever happened to Jim Quis Quis ?

'aamokat said...

At Pechanga the lineal descendants of Paulina Hunter were disenrolled in 2006 even though a law was passed by the people in 2005 ending disenrollment as a part of tribal law.

The tribal council claimed that the enrollment committee, stacked in favor of disenrolling the Hunters, who ignored all evidence in favor of the Hunters remaining in the tribe was the final authority in matters of enrollment claiming there was tribal legal precedent.

But go back twenty years previous to 1986 when the heirs of Rose Murphy, including sitting councilman Russell Butch Murphy, were taken into the tribe after the enrollment committee had turned down their tribal membership.

So the very fact that Mr. Murphy is even in the tribe let alone serving on the tribal council is proof that the people, not the enrollment committee are the final matter in matters of enrollment. This fact is backed up by not only custom and tradition but also by the Band's constitution and bylaws. Thus the disenrollment of the Hunters is null and void.

By the way, Mr. Murphy who reportedly has no blood of the Pechanga Band sided with disenrolling the Hunters who have the blood of the Band.