Wednesday, March 8, 2017

THE PAPER, Escondido Weekly THE DISAPPEARING INDIAN EXPOSE Part II The Pechanga Band of Casino Indians and Tribal Disenrollment

Lyle Davis, editor of the Escondido weekly, known as THE PAPER takes a LONG look at the enormous amount of money generated by Tribal casinos and the revenue stream that goes to the enrolled tribal members of the   Pechanga Band of Casino Indians.  Included the often harsh impact of "tribal disenrollment," all in this week's issue.

You can read his first article on San Pasqual Band, which runs the VALLEY VIEW CASINO.



The world knows now about the Fraudulent Natives that run these Casinos. Soon the Federal Constables will be involved and Many will get what they deserve.."For Eating the forbidden bread " The Governmental Chastisement is better than the One who will add adversity too their perverted lifestyles...

Anonymous said...

I hope this reporter ends up interviewing the Pala Chairman and gets to see first hand what a lying S.O.B. Robert Smith really is.
As far as Theresa Nieto goes her remarks are all bullshit.
She is from Morongo anyway. She is also a thief along with Smith.

Anonymous said...

What a reporter should ask Robert is if his ancestor was a citizen Indian and how did he get enrolled? Watch the anger come out of his mouth. Then ask Theresa if Morongo would accept her as one of them, and how did she get enrolled in Pala? Maybe instead of always accusing them of the things they are fraudulent and corrupt about, we should start focusing on how the hell they are Pala members in the first place. Same with Dion. In fact all 3 of these people are not true Pala Indian, they should be the ones to be disenrolled and they know it, that is why they fight so hard with the tribe's money, they don't want the truth to get out and to lose everything they have stolen.

Anonymous said...

By them knowing that they don't belong and they keep trying to kick out the people that they know belong needs to come to an end now.
Not to mention all the Tribes money that is in the hands of NONMEMBERS.
There should be some kind of law against this that would cause the Feds to arrest them and lock them up.
People get put in jail every day for lessor crimes.
Let one or more of them get the shit beat out of them and 10 to 1 the one doing the shit kicking will go to jail.
The time is coming when this will happen just like the Reporter said in the closing part of his story, VIOLENCE WILL HAPPEN SOON.
Then you will see all the crybabies going around and still defending these corrupt assholes.