Thursday, March 9, 2017

Tribal Disenrollment Discussion on Friday 3/10

I'm excited to be invited to spend an hour or so with Michael Kickingbear and David Greyowl, hosts of NATIVE OPINION radio show March 10th at 9:30 EST.   Hope you will both listen and join in.

Imagine for a moment the home that you grew up in. The neighborhood and the town that you spent your childhood. How familiar it feels to you. The friends you made, maybe other family members that you spent time with regularly. That safe and secure feeling of familiarity.
Now imagine one day that you are told that you may no longer live in your home and that in fact, you no longer have a right to stay in it, or the right to even live in your neighborhood. Imagine how you would feel if you suddenly were faced with having to move away from that home, those surroundings...all because someone (else) said you are no longer welcome.  That you are no longer allowed to even stay in your neighborhood. How would you feel
We will be discussing of course, my family's disenrollment, but also how a moratorium on membership affected more than just one family.

I'd like to get into the issues of the BIA and how they are complicit, involved and sometimes TO BLAME for what's going on, especially in CA.

PLEASE, visit their webpage,  share the news with your family and let's get INVOLVED.


Anonymous said...

You should add that new people who never wanted to live there or want to be part of the community then when they heard there was benefits then they wanted to move in and remove the people the original people and erase photos and documentations that they ever existed then take what belonged to them... oh wait, that's sounds like white America and white Macarro Pechanga

WeRone said...

If a Band has custom and tradition, follows it and honors ALL members rights. A band is honored by the Feds during reservation creation, and speaks to elders if they need guidance of the Band in making decisions. Tribal elders may not speak English and custom and tradition has to be translated and members are recognized by Luiseno elders only. ALL this documentation is in certified documents held in trust by the Federal government. Why would some current members ignore custom and tradition, recorded documents with ALL the truth be ignored and entire clans be herded out of the band who belonged over 100 yrs? Why would others be allowed to have more rights than ALL members? Why would the band be told committees have more rights to determine membership even after a individual is adopted by the Band not the committees? Why is the band told to hold a vote on and issue and then the council ignores the bands vote and goes against the bands voted decision? Our rights need to be brought back, and the band needs to follow our Ancestors paper trail in determining membership. That's why we were ALL members in the first place!

Anonymous said...

It all boils down to greed and corruption.
Then the bad EC members are made to vote as the chairman wants them to vote or face his punishment if you don't follow his demands.

OPechanga said...

IT was a quick one hour. My first time on a podcast.
I will get better.
I was able to get a lot of points out, including Pechanga's Moratorium of the Tosobol family.

PLEASE listen, if you can't go to the site an drive traffic their way...

Anonymous said...

Good show...lots of content

Jrock said...

I had a job interview at Pechanga not to long ago. It was interesting to see mostly white people working at the Pechanga tribal office. Being an American Indian
Myself and a job candidate for the tribe.