Friday, August 26, 2016

CHUKCHANSI 600 Watch from the Outside as Chukchansi Looks at More Disenrollments.

We wrote in July about new disenrollment activity at the Picayune Rancheria of Chukchansi Indians.

This new disenrollment is purely political as one of the original Chukchansi 600 to be disenrolled, Cathy Cory explains, when asked if the disenrollments have to do with $50 million which is missing.

There are some members of the distributee group which are alleged to have participated in the theft of considerable funds from Picayune--alongside others both inside and outside the tribe. 

That said, that is not the reason the tribal council has given for their proposed disenrollment. They are accused of having "dual enrollment" in another tribe, which is not so. 

The tribal council should ensure action is taken against ALL those suspected of this theft in a court of law, where they would be punished if convicted--not try to disenroll them for something that isn't even the case, and leave others unpunished. This is purely political. 

Over 600 Chukchansi People, fully a third of the tribe, were previously disenrolled in 2006-2007 and REMAIN disenrolled at Picayune today. 

Disenrollment, the theft of the very birthright of one's own people, is not the answer. Four of the current PRCI tribal council members, Morris Reid, Dora Jones, Dixie Jackson, and Harold Hammond were also on the council that arbitrarily and capriciously disenrolled 600 Chukchansi, yet now claim to be "against disenrollment". 

If that were true, not only would those 600 be brought home to Picayune, but these additional disenrollments would never be in the works. They should know better, and be working to truly restore our circle, not bring further destruction.  

Bring the people--ALL the people--home to Picayune...where WE BELONG!!! 

Cathy Cory, warrior woman is also very wise....  Please Chukchansi, LEAD.


nickey said...

I'll find out today how the hearings went. This will be unlawful disenrollments because according to the Chukchansi constitution the disenrollments must be done by an enrollment committee. We don't have one.Chairperson Claudia Gonzales has no problem whatsoever disobeying our laws. She's my cousin.... she's a true criminal and always has been. Her mother taught her how to break the law to have lots of money. Can you say laundering?

Anonymous said...

But the BIA already fixed this tribe, NOT. What a joke. Disgusting greed!

Anonymous said...

It should be handled individually, there are distributees facing dis enrollment that had nothing to do with any thefts. Innocent people are being dis enrolled out of greed.