Monday, August 8, 2016

GRAND RONDE Chairman RESPONDS to his DEFEAT in Disenrollment of Chief Tumulth Descendants

Grand Ronde's disgraceful chairman Reyn Leno responds to the tribe's defeat in court.

I am sure many members have questions about the recent appellate court decisions on the dis enrollment cases. I left for a family camping trip on Thursday and had limited phone and Internet access over the weekend. I did get a chance to talk to our Tribal attorney on Saturday. Rob made me aware of the opinions issued on Friday. 1.) The case involving the dis enrollment of Rebecca Crocker was upheld 2.) The cases involving the deceased dis enrolled members was upheld. 3.) The case involving 67 dis enrolled members who refer to themselves as the descendants of Chief Tulmuth was reversed.

From what I understand the case was not reversed because the Tribe or enrollment committee made a mistake or misinterpreted anything or because they met the enrollment requirements, it was simply reversed because the Tribe waited too long to correct the error. The Court did not find that the Treaty signed by Chief Tulmuth was a roll or record and they did not find that they met the enrollment requirements.  (OP:  That's because that was NOT the question in front of them, and they say so in their opinion)

It is my opinion that this court opinion is a huge infringement on our Tribal sovereignty to determine our membership and remove people who were enrolled in error. To have the Court force the Tribe to place people on our rolls who do not meet the constitutional requirements of membership is wrong. It is also unfair to other people who have Grand Ronde blood but cannot enroll because they do not have a patent on the roll or because they do not meet blood quantum.

I am sure there will be a lot of questions about this opinion and the impact and hopefully answers will be available over the next few weeks. At this point, it is my understanding the case has been remanded to the Chief Judge to be remanded to the enrollment committee. Because this opinion is so important to our Tribe, it is my hope that our 3 appellate judges would be willing to explain this opinion and answer questions. This statement and opinions are my own as a Tribal member and is not the statement or opinion of the Tribal Council.  (IF what they are doing is JUST, why won't he go on record as using sovereignty as a CLUB?)

IF Chief Tumulth signed a treaty and NOW they disavow him, shouldn't ALL benefits of the treaty be ERASED?

Reyn Leno


Anonymous said...

The appellate judge will not answer questions. Everything the court of appeals has to say is in the opinion itself

Reinstatement_Restitution said...

The Chairman says the tribal appellate court decision is a huge infringement on [our] Tribal Sovereignty. Does this mean that the Chairman does not consider the tribe's appellate court to be a part of the tribe?

Where do we get these clowns? You got a bad case of stupid, and stupid can't be cured Reyn Leno.

The Tribal Court and the Tribal Judges are part of the Tribe dumbass. The tribe cannot infringe on its own sovereignty. You and your supporters took too long to act. The doctrine of laches is sound. The reason why opposing parties may not take overlong to make claims is because conditions change over long periods. Witnesses die, records can be lost, so that it would be unjust to award the plaintiff's claim.

This is a fair decision.

WeRone said...

When ALL members in a band have equal rights and ALL members rights are protected the band should be able to protect itself and ALL members. Unfortunately some bands have some members who forget how they became members. Our Creator got us ALL this far and for others to think they have more rights than ALL members is unspeakable. Adopting some, and then taking others rights away is what we ALL need to ask ourselves. Our Ancestors never left, that's why we are ALL here. Share the #TRUTH and honor ALL!