Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Nooksack Police Chief Ordered to pay $1,000 per day for Contempt of Tribal Court

OH MY!  The Nooksack Court SMACKS down the lawlessness of Nooksack Tribal administrators:

The Nooksack Chief of Police, like the Court Clerk, has failed to comply with our order.  We are forced to find the Nooksack Chief of Police in contempt.  We find it astounding that the Chief of Police, who is sworn to enforce the law, would so blatantly violate his duty by ignoring a lawful order of the Nooksack Court. That both the Court Clerk and Chief of Police have failed to comply with our orders without offering any reason makes us fearful that at Nooksack the rule of law is dead

While Bob Kelly, the Corrupt leader of Nooksack should FIRE his Police chief, how can he really, when, most like the COP is doing his bidding....

LORETTA LYNCH....answer your DAMN PHONE....

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