Thursday, February 18, 2016

The #StopDisenrollment Movement: PERFECT LOGO from Oneida Wolf Clan's Vicky Schenandoah

The #StopDisenrollment movement is still rolling along, with some hiccups. One of the attorneys "leading" the way asked to be removed from a twitter list, in a WTF moment.  Guess success is measured differently by some.....

The picture above, from Vicky Schenandoah of the Onyota'a:ka: People of the
Standing Stone aka the Oneida Indian Nation created the photo above, using each letter of the disgraceful term, DISENROLLMENT, to describe the meaning to her.

I welcome our readers to use the same format, to show what it means to them. And WATCH THIS VIDEO of Vicky's family

Vicki's family are disenfranchised but Oneida Chairman Ray Halbritter keeps them on the BIA rolls to use them for numbers when applying for grants. The disenfranchised Oneidas are denied health insurance that the Oneida Nation gives to it's members. So the disenfranchised have to apply for Medicaid or other health insurance.  

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Anonymous said...

Reztalk!! Whens the Lawsuit??? Having trouble McIntosh. Descendants will never get justice. Dragging your feet boi. All talk no action. If we enrolled wtf is taking so long.

Anonymous said...

Hey all you in Club Pechanga, Why do you allow John Macarro still money from you. What, your afraid, do something, your not a Rez, just a Club designed by Mark....Lol