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Friday, February 12, 2016

#StopDisenrollment: Graton Rancheria Chairman GREG SARRIS Stands UP Against Disenrollment

Wonderful to see a TRIBAL LEADER stand up AGAINST the scourge of DISENROLLMENT.  Lead the way, Mr. Chairman.   

As a matter of respect for the sovereignty of other tribes, the Federated Indians of Graton Rancheria does not take a position on, nor take sides in, internal tribal disputes. 

However, our record is clear on the subject of disenrollment. Our tribe has firmly rejected disenrollment, has written a prohibition against disenrollment into our tribal constitution and has taken every possible measure to ensure that this prohibition cannot be undone in the future. 

We hope that other tribes will follow our example so that all Indian people can be secure in their tribal membership and continue to restore and strengthen the social and cultural ties of our people.

Greg Sarris
Graton Rancheria

Greg Sarris
Chairman - Graton Rancheria

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Anonymous said...

Thank you Chairman Sarris for being a true brave! More tribal leaders should follow in your footsteps.

Anonymous said...

He made certain he cannot be disenrolled because he is non-Indian.

Anonymous said...

This guy is about as Indian as Iron Eyes Cody.