Friday, February 12, 2016

“Longest Walk 5” to make first stop at the San Pasqual Reservation, Known for Disenrollment, Abuses

A reservation well known for Disenrollment and for keeping RIGHTFUL San Pasqual Descendents from their rightful place in the tribe, will be be the FIRST STOP for THE LONGEST WALK 5

The Longest Walk 5, an event created to call attention to drug-related issues that are plaguing Indian reservations throughout the country, will be making the first stop of its nationwide trek at the San Pasqual Reservation this coming Saturday. They will stop at the tribal offices.

The LW5 will begin its lengthy journey of 3,600 miles at La Jolla Shores on the morning of February 13 and will eventually conclude its course in Washington, D.C. on July 15. Along the way, Indian leaders will be gathering information and hosting forums to better discover ways to combat the unfortunate menace that drugs have become within the Native community.

Twenty participant runners plan to cover the entire distance while many others are expected to join in along the route for shorter intervals.

A driving force behind this endeavor has been Dennis Banks and the American Indian Movement. Banks and representatives of the AIM will be there to greet the participants as they arrive at the reservation sometime between 4 and 6 p.m. Anyone interested is encouraged to welcome these road warriors who have undertaken such a daunting challenge.
All those involved are fully committed to waging a relentless war on drugs and see this event as meaningful step in that direction.

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Beautiful ! Thank you for stopping by, my brothers and sisters!..Many blessings will follow those who seek to heal, there people and there land. This day will be remeberd by me and the tiger Clan. I can't Speak for the Frauds and traitors, there drug addicts and addicted to and Greed...and They will go down in history's books as what they are.and became.. ...thank you! for your respect and wonderfully seeds you are planting for the future of our peoples...and thanks Rick for this Blogg... :). Pontasblanco.