Thursday, February 11, 2016

HOPLAND Disenrolled Holding Awareness Rally on February 13th. PLEASE..COME and HELP

People ask, "how can we help?"  You can help by spreading the word, by sharing on social media, by asking old friends or family in the area to STOP BY and donate.

HELP END the DISENROLLMENT EPIDEMIC by supporting this event.


Anonymous said...

Come to the afternoon entertainment show and watch the honorable
Robert Smith from the Pala Reservation get Tarred and Feathered by the Dis-enrolled from Tribes around the Nation.

Anonymous said...

I believe it to be fair, accurate and just that in the larger scope of NATIVE Enrollment in all Nations, that it is fair to add to your statement that even "enrolling people onto tribal rolls illegally and not in accordance with the whole community' For power & greed' is just as wrong as dis-enrolling legal members. I believe everyone has seen that door cut when it swings both ways. Many legal citizens sit on the outside because they were out numbered in votes cast by illegal members. Let's keep it real & Fair people.