Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Tribal ACTIVISM isn't ONLY a Protest March, It's The DAILY GRIND of Communication and Education. GET OFF THE SIDELINES, STOP Letting the Corrupt Like Macarro, Smith, Lawson Get Away With The Abuse

At the beginning of the year, I posted and article about those aggrieved getting of their ass and DOING SOMETHING.

Those of YOU that have been sitting on the sidelines, waiting for others to do the heavy lifting, medium lifting and light lifting... YOU know who YOU are.

Whether YOU have been disenrolled, banished or placed in a moratorium, YOU have been abused by those corrupt leaders in power. They get away with it, because MOST of YOU have refused to stay standing.

As I wrote in the post: My Rights Have been violated, WHY won't anyone HELP? WHY should others help, when we don't help ourselves. I asked another tribal group what they were doing, as I hadn't heard from their team in a while. They stated that they were awaiting a tribal court decision. Well waiting is the same as doing nothing.

I saw a meme that was generated by our friend Emilio Reyes, who has done wonderful work for the San Pasqual people, and has found some documents for my own Hunter family from Pechanga.  He also recently found some documents for the Pala disenrolled, (though they thought he was a spy or something, amazing the lack of understanding there)

Emilio is a fighter, he has done some terrific work, that should put to shame many of those disenrolled that aren't doing.....jack.   Yet, they'd take any benefits due them, with not even a word of thanks.

Here's what I'm posting on Facebook:  ACTIVISM should be an EVERY DAY OCCURRENCE. No, you can't protest march every day, BUT, you can drive traffic to the site that's getting attention from both WASHINGTON DC...AND the corrupt tribes. If you can read this, you can open a new tab to hit this website and view multiple pages, tweet out posts and SHARE on FACEBOOK. THAT is ACTIVISM..

Don't let others fight your battles, don't shame your ancestors by doing nothing.  Stop being weak.  You CAN DO SOMETHING, just by letting your FINGERS DO THE WALKING...  Are you on Twitter?  You can share every post where with @USIndianAffairs  or @TheJusticeDept  @IndianCommittee  @SenJohnBarrasso    Don't let them say...  "we didn't know"  because you will know they are liars.     Stay in the fight....good things are happening, we have lawyers joining the fray, Tribes like Pechanga are LOSING in COURT..



Anonymous said...

Preach it Brother....

Anonymous said...

As far as I know the same Pala Disenrollees that received your email, never received anything from Emilio, but we did get yours and we appreciate it very much. He must have sent it to some of the other Pala disenrollees. We are fighters, and we will be victorious one day. No one, especially some loser like Robert Smith and his Kronies, are going to take away my heritage.

Anonymous said...

Emilio has done extensive research without any compensation and should be much appreciate it. Other than having the disenrollment Facebook page and supporting the San Pasqual disenrollees in protesting, he has also done extensive research without pay for Pala, Tule River, Gabrielino, Mesa Grande, Pechanga, and Rincon. Much of the information out there and truth is out there because of him, the BIA knows he's actively supporting California Indians as well as the Senate on Indian Affairs incuding friends and family.

Dennis Chappabitty said...

Pala Disenrolees are True Spiritual Warriors! Margarita Britten's Spirit is looking into Robert Smith's many homes every night knocking on the windows asking "why did you do this to me and my Children and their Children, I went to the heavens in 1924?" I grew up as a Comanche and Chiricahua Apache youth within our strong tribal and cultural traditions, myths, ceremonies and know that those to defile the "blood" our long gone Elders like Margarita Britten will pay for their errors in a just way. Let's get others out there to come forward since the federal courts are inadequate so let's push our true spiritual side to get justice done to the Disenrolled Pala Warriors.

Dennis G. Chappabitty

Anonymous said...

Spreading the truth is very important. Our Ancestors deserve to be broadcast in the truth. The misinformation and liars will pay for all the bad acts now or after they leave the story. The creator had our Ancestors put through a lot of turmoil, and now to have factions inside a band put their heirs through turmoil is not what our Ancestors would ever do. Now with the truth being spread instead of lies and misinformation other bands who practice the Indian way are stepping forward and showing what custom and tradition is really about. Honor ALL Ancestors and live within custom and tradition even if we don't ALL agree. Disenrollment does not fix anything, it causes grief and disrespects elders and ALL our Ancestors. Spread the truth and the right thing will always fix the lies and misinformation.

Reinstatement_Restitution said...

I reviewed the documents Emilio sent and thanked him for his efforts. Unfortunately these particular documents did not advance our current state of evidence.

Thank you Dennis for your kind words. There are many warriors in our group, and the fight is far from over. The BIA, the Courts, and the Pala Band will get another volley of well aimed arrows soon. We need the support of all those who live the Indian Way.

May the spirits of our ancestors protect and preserve us all.

Unknown said...

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Anonymous said...

How do we get to the disenrollment Facebook page? We are fighters and want to help our people. thanks

Anonymous said...

The San Pasqual descendants support you, too. Please sign the petition at change.org. Every signature sends an e-mail to Amy Dutschke and Kevin Washburn.

Toypurina said...


Anonymous said...

Emilio can find documents upon documents. Unfortunately that is not the issue. We are disenrolled because of greed and Tribal Sovereignty. Not the question "if we belong" we know "we belong." But we have been duped by our tribal leaders and other members just sit on the sidelines because they to, know that they could be disenrolled. I read somewhere that Emilio isn't a Tribal Member nor ever was. Is that true? What Tribe is does he say he comes from? Thanks.

Anonymous said...

Emilio's family was disenrolled from Pechanga

Anonymous said...

At least Emilio is not sitting back letting things just happen, he is a fighter, and that is great. Keep finding documents because you never know if you might find the golden ticket of info. I know all disenrolled should appreciate his tenacity. This is our right, this is our fight.

Anonymous said...

Garbani's are the next family to go after the Tribal Elections.... talks are heating up.

Anonymous said...

TO ANONYMOUS 4:13: You mean Emilio's quote posted on the FB DISENROLLMENT PAGE: "I will not stop doing what I do because I'm not a federally recognized tribal member." Remember, there are individuals who are ONLY recognized by the State and some are in the process of Federal Recognition. And Anonymous 9:44, Emilio nor his family are disenrolled and are not Pechanga.

WeRone said...

No One Deserves To Be Treated Like Families Were By Missions and Other Land Grabbers Before The Reservations Were Created. ALL Members Should Be Equal and ALL Members Should Be Respected. Our Ancestors Already Had The Disrespect, Why Would Anyone Believe It's OK to Shun Anyone Else?