Friday, July 24, 2015

Chukchansi Should Work to be A UNIFIED TRIBE, BEFORE Opening the Casino.

We wrote earlier about the Chukchansi tribe nearing a deal to open the casino.  But this tribe still hasn't gotten it's act together.

Our friend Cathy Cory, a terminated Chukchansi member says:

Reopening the casino should be the LEAST of Picayunes worries at this point. How 'bout working on just being a TRIBE? 

First things first...our people need to come together, bring ALL Chukchansi people home in order to heal, put a totally new tribal council in place, and implement a forensic audit to determine just which tribal "leaders" are responsible for the theft of $50 million from the tribe. 

Provide consequences for that behavior--NOT reward them by leaving them in power to start the same destructive behaviors all over again with impunity...


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Anonymous said...

Right. Tribes have been so clouded with casino money, they have forgotten the Indian way. Or perhaps Casino Indians are the new Indian way. Forget about the ancestors that fought for you to live today, only care about per cap. Tribal leaders need some serious soul searching, return to the medicine of the old ways first, then worry about your white mans money.