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Thursday, July 2, 2015

Honoring Ancestors, Gabrieleno Kizh Send Letters of Understanding in Repatriation of Tribal Remains

Andrew Salas, Chairman of the Gabrieleno Kizh Nation, a tribe which is currently not federally recognized, has sent letters of understanding out to local tribal leaders from Chumash, San Manuel and Pechanga.
The Pechanga tribe, led by chairman Mark Macrro earlier this year usurped the rights of the Gabrieleno people in taking possession of their ancestral remains that we posted about hereand also Tongva Nation objects to Pechanga..

This is a good effort at leadership on this issue by the Kizh


Anonymous said...

Wow, terrific communication on what is right. Hopefully all local tribes can work together to make sure that the ancestors are respected and that government to government relationships are the way to go....

Anonymous said...

The pechanga band has no respect for their living relatives, how could one think they would respect the ancestors of another tribe? Good luck with that.

Anonymous said...

their living relatives? You mean the people who got enrolled that are not really temecula Indian have no respect for the real temecula Indians? (yes that is right).

White Buffalo said...

We have know for a long time now the Pechanga tribal council has no respect for tradition or custom. The membership is not all that interested in the history or custom of the tribe as well. They have insured that they are the ones who sold the past for money and stuff. When they did not fight for the integrity of the tribe. The membership let the corrupt and greedy leadership do what ever they though was right. The disenrollment of the two families did not have to happen the tribal membership could have stopped it, but they did not.