Wednesday, March 4, 2015

EPIC FAIL by Eric Holder's JUSTICE Dept. NO RIGHTS VIOLATIONS in Ferguson Shooting

It's a fail because there was NO evidence of any violations of rights by Ferguson police officer Darren Wilson in his obviously self defense shooting of robbery suspect Michael Brown.   Yet Eric Holder was adamant about pursing civil rights violations.

Holder refused to acknowledge ACTUAL rights violations by corrupt tribes in Indian Country, as did his predecessors.   Holder can't claim they didn't know, as the Justice Department is a frequent visitor to this blog, having come here two days before this post..TWICE.

Eric Holder is a DISGRACE, hopefully his successor will be better.

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Anonymous said...

Why don't you write a letter to the new candidate, Loretta Lynch

Reinstatement_Restitution said...

It does seem incongruous to investigate civil rights violations in Ferguson when it was evident that there were none, and then to fail to investigate civil rights violations in Indian Country when a great deal of evidence supports the allegations that civil rights have been violated. Maybe we are going about this the wrong way. Maybe instead of getting in the DOJ and the Attorney General's face and accusing them of malfeasance or neglect of duty, perhaps it would be better to request a policy statement from the department to use as a guideline.

Such a policy statement regarding the DOJ's stand on the denial of due process, unequal treatment under the law, violations of tribal law that enable the theft of federal benefits or denial of eligibility for benefits, would help us to understand what we can expect from the DOJ. I personally would like to know if it is their policy to tolerate these abuses of civil rights, or if they are unaware of them, if they have a procedure to address them, what the trigger for an investigation might be, what kind of evidence they would require, etc.

Has anyone tried anything like this? Just making a simple request for a policy statement so we know where the DOJ stands and what they will or won't do?

OPechanga said...

I haven't seen a letter like you envision RR.

Can you put one together and I'll post it?

Reinstatement_Restitution said...

I have just visited the website of the DOJ where the policy statements and guidelines are posted. The DOJ has a Civil Rights Division, and the policy is stated clearly. The Criminal Section prosecutes cases involving the violent interference with liberties and rights defined in the Constitution of federal law.

So the trigger is violence which is why there was a focus on Ferguson and not on disenrollments in Indian Country which have been mostly peaceful.

I will work on a letter requesting a policy statement on the violations that have been committed against tribal members. I believe there are two categories of violations that might be worthy of prosecution. The first is the theft of benefits and the denial of benefit eligibility that is inherent in the termination of tribal membership. The second is the violation of due process and equal protection under the law, which are civil rights violations.

There might be a third category which is racial discrimination, especially as it is practiced in Pechanga, where apartheid has led to the dehumanization of disenrollees, and a number of actions that target individuals based on their race. I have experienced this racism myself, and the assertion that disenrollees don't belong to their own tribe simply because some tribal leaders want to exclude them.

It may take some time to prepare this properly since it is a normal practice for federal agencies to treat personal inquiries differently than formal requests for assistance.

Anyone know a lawyer who might be willing to lend their name (pro bono) to a formal request for a policy statement on the abuses in Indian Country? If there is a lawyer involved the DOJ will be more likely to respond.

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