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Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Questions For Pechanga Chairman Mark Macarro - PART ONE

I've asked members of families terminated from Pechanga or those being kept out to ask some questions of Pechanga Chairman Mark Macarro.   We know Pechanga read the blog, we'd appreciate ANSWERS.

Why are you practicing Apartheid on your reservation, with the threat of banishment for using a restroom or water fountain?  Isn't that outside your Democratic Party principles?

Did you make a deal with the FBI to not prosecute former tribal chairwoman Jenny Miranda and her son for stealing slot machines from the tribe?  If so, WHY would you do that?

How much to YOU get from your wife's lobbying firm that the tribe pays $250,000 per year?  What has her firm accomplished to deserve that payment?

Antonio Ashman, Pechanga's vaunted elder, in more than one document, acknowledged the Paulina Hunter family as Pechanga as well as at least 5 other tribal elders. Why Mr. Macarro do you continue assert that the enrollment committee was correct in stripping Hunter descendants' membership rights?

Why did the tribe hire an outside expert to research the Hunter family history and then ignore his findings that the evidence shows the Hunter family are true Pechanga people?

If Pechanga honors their elders, why then weren't elders  Ashman, Tortuga, and Rodriguez , who KNEW Paulina Hunter as Pechanga, when she was alive, believed?  Why sir, would you take the word of a convicted child molestor, over the words of people who knew here?   

Why did the tribe disenroll them even though disenrollment wasn't even a part of tribal law at the time of their disenrollment and why didn't his tribal council obey the will of the people that everyone as of the date that the law passed would remain tribal members?


Anonymous said...

During World War II, Hilter and the Nazi party were out to eliminate the Jews. During the war, there were a few Jews that would do anything to save their own skin, and so they would turn their fellow Jews over to the Nazi's, who were then taken to the concentration camps, shot or gassed in the gas chambers and buried in mass graves. . .. more than 6 million were eliminated. While this countries history has been to eliminate the Indians, the government doesn't need to do it any more, people like Macarro or Allen Lawson, who descends from the very white pioneers that burned the San Pasqual out of their village in the 1870's, are doing the job of the government. These pretendian apple gas bags are the lowest form of Ipai.

Anonymous said...

It would be a crime if he made a deal with the FBI? Did it really happen with Jennie and why did the feds do nothing?

Anonymous said...

Leave Macarro alone. Doesn't he deserve some respect?

Anonymous said...

You mean the Bad Actors should leave our Ancestors and their heirs alone? To take away others rights and ignore the truth is how the light is shining. Is this the way the Band wants the story to be told? The truth is crystal clear. No one is more Pechanga than ALL. For the Bad Actors to take away rights and say its ok? Honor ALL our Ancestors and their heirs. The truth is more important than the Liars Club and Bad Actors.

Anonymous said...

Respect like the Syrian President.

Anonymous said...

What do people like Mark Macarro tell themselves? How can John even step into church, knowing what they have done?

Anonymous said...

He can step into church and ask for forgiveness. If someone or something treated his family and children how he treats the disenrolled or moratorium. Same for his brother. Macarro et al

Anonymous said...

Bad Actors et al

How would you feel if your family was dismantled financially, and your Ancestors and family where treated in Apartheid actions. You could try it for a while, 10yrs. and see how ALL feels.

Anonymous said...

On his death bed , he will ask god if he did good ? He will be carried away to hell.

At the last minute you can't ask for him to forgive you for the rape of many.

You saw the movie "ghost " he will be carried away like willie.

Anonymous said...

I'm guessing Macarro doesn't know the meaning of .. SHAME

Anonymous said...

These fake ,pretend members are destroying the temecula band. They hide at home with their checks.

Only a matter of time before something huge happens.

Anonymous said...

That is the whole truth. Macarro et al only follows custom and tradition if it benefits the bad actors outcome. If the plate was turned they would say the same thing. Some of us will allow the Creator to finish the book and the Bad Actors can face the truth one way or another. The truth is crystal clear. Just because custom and tradition has been broken, does not mean we ALL have to stay with the Bad Actors story. 9yrs of lies and misinformation broadcast. Karma plays it's own part in the whole story.

Anonymous said...

They cannot enter the kingdom of god "now" , they know what they are doing is wrong.

At the last second the can't say forgive for stealing and rape lord.

They must do it now.

Anonymous said...

That was forgive me for stealing and rape.