Monday, March 23, 2015

Gabrieleno Band of Mission Indians Decry Exclusion in National Monument Decision

In a secong glaring example of how the lack of Federal recognition affects state recognized tribes, here's a notice from the Kizh nation that show the lack of respect from the Obama administration with the exclusion of Gabrielenos.  Is it any wonder why Federally recognized tribes are usurping territories not their own?

Gabrieleno Band of Mission Indians, 
Kizh Nation
Last year US Representative Judy Chu introduced a bill to establish the San Gabriel Mountains, the Rio Hondo/San Gabriel Rivers, and the Puente Hills area as a National Recreation Area.  The bill stalled in committee so Ms. Chu went to President Obama to declare the San Gabriel Mts. as a National Monument and it was proclaimed a Nat'l Monument on Oct. 10, 2014. 
        Throughout both initiatives, Ms. Chu and the proponents have never contacted the  KIZH GABRIELENOS, the indigenous Tribe of the Los Angles basin.  Measures of this propensity require Tribal input.  Now that the development of the Nat'l Monument has progressed, the National Forest Foundation and the National Forest Service have completely ignored the True Tribe of the Area, the Gabrieleno Band of Mission Indians, KIZH Nation.  Instead, they have appointed the Chumash Indians (San Ynez), the Tejon Tribe (Grapevine area), and the San Manuel Indians ( San Bernardino County) as representatives to the NM. 
        The NM proclamation states: "To the maximum extent permitted by other applicable law and consistent with the purposes of the monument, the plan shall protect and preserve Indian sacred sites, as defined in section 1(b) of Executive Order 13007 of May 24, 1996, and access by Indian tribal members for traditional cultural, spiritual, and tree and forest product-, food-, and medicine-gathering purposes. Nothing in this proclamation shall be construed to enlarge or diminish the rights of any Indian tribe as defined in section 1(b) of Executive Order 13007." 
        Executive order 13007 refers to Federally Recognized Tribes.  Even though the KIZH NATION is not Federally recognized, they are recognized by the State of
California, the Native American Heritage Commission, and by the California Environmental Quality Act.  The KIZH NATIONwas instrumental in the Passing of California Assembly Bill AB52, preserving tribal rights of all Tribes in California, Federally recognized or not. 
        To designate three Tribes that are far removed from the NM would be a disservice to the community and an insult to Tribes throughout the Nation.  These Tribes have no connection historically, geographically, or culturally.  These federally recognized tribes continue to disrespectfully infiltrate in our tribal territories such as San Nicolas Island, Burro Flats, and now The San Gabriel Mountains. Only the KIZH NATION have the pertinent information related to the NM.  It was the KIZH ancestors that protected and environmentally preserved the majesty of the San Gabriels.    

Join us on March 25 to hear our expert panel address these questions and more. The panel discussion will be moderated by Steve Scauzillo, award-winning San Gabriel Valley Tribune reporter. Invited panelists include Daniel Lovato, Acting Supervisor of the Angeles National Forest; Belinda Faustinos, Vice-Chair of San Gabriel Mountains Forever; Tim Brick, Managing Director of the Arroyo Seco Foundation, and Edward Belden, Southern California Program Associate, National Forest Foundation.
A social reception at 7 p.m. precedes the 7:30 program sponsored by the Sierra Club Angeles Chapter’s Forest Committee. The program is free and the public is welcome. For more information, email John Monsen at


abraxas said...

The disrespect has been an on-going battle with the politicos in the area. In Oct 2010, a press conference was held where the KIZH Nation opposed the desecration of a sacred site for a concrete monster. Since that time the politicians and key leaders of these projects have turned else, completely ignoring the legitimacy of the KIZH. The likes of Rep. Judy Chu, former U.S. Secretary of Labor Hilda Solis, U.S. Rep Grace Napilotano, and on-n-on. They all know the KIZH. Chu runs every time the KIZH approach her. The Chief and several other Tribal members helped Solis in her campaign for U.S. Senator. Napilatano has been on the stage with the KIZH at a local cable station program as well as being in several photo shoots with Tribal Members. For the Nat'l Monument people to go outside of the recognized area can only be for financial support and to get the answers they want to fulfill their agenda.

Anonymous said...

So far the selection process for the advisory committee has been a farce. There has been no public input. Decisions have been made without any feedback, as none is allowed. The KIZH need to be heard. They are the rightful heirs to the San Gabriel Mtns. What possibly can the outside tribes contribute other than money and the approvals the proponents want.

Anonymous said...

Here we go again.

Anonymous said...

Part of the planning of the master plan of the monument is to include the poor, the under-privileged, and people of color; what they call 'social justice.' The facilitators never considered the Dolores Huerta Foundation. A group with a track record addressing this very issue. Why weren't they part of the Nat'l Monument process? Why? Because they are based in Bakersfield, Ca. They have NO geographical or sociological connection to the San Gabriel Mtns. So why are the Chumash, Tejon, and San Manuel part of the planning team. Go figure. Consistency? What do they care. The disrespect of the True people of the area continues at the behest of our government.

Toypurina said...

historic indigenous nations have been ignored by elected officials, Democrats that claim to be progressive and only want our votes. Judy Chu has ignored the Kizh Nation's letters, so has the POTUS, Obama. We are also in the midst of a major campaign to STOP the Canonization of Junipero Serra, notorious dominating "Evangelist and Empire builder". Any one can steal land, enslave innocent Natives and conduct the largest Genocide in the United States, occupied territory. Please support the Kizh Gabrieleno and other legitimate, historic territorial tribes in the latest federal land grab. Also, please sign our petition to the Pope. There will be vigils at Mission Carmel and other locations soon. We can't allow our history to continue to be distorted. Our ancestors were enslaved, tortured and women were raped. Serra was a dominator sent to conquer under the Doctrine of Discovery. Please don't let Judy Chu and President Obama take further advantage of the legitimate, historic indigenous people of the San Gabriel Valley! A'ho!

Anonymous said...

Try getting an appointment in her office