Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Native American Hall Of SHAME Inductees ARE Part ONE....

Since 2009, we periodically induct tribal "leaders" into our NATIVE AMERICAN HALL OF SHAME
This crop of inductees have earned their enshrinement by the actions taken against their own people. Feel free to tweet this out and share on Facebook.


Kelly has been relentless is his attempts to exterminate his tribal members.  The Nooksack Disenrollment seems like the wrong way to make your tribe famous.  What tribe becomes stronger by eliminating their size?   Kelly has even gone so far as to amend their constitution to now subject the Nooksack 306 to ex post facto laws.   Elders and children have NO worth to this despicable man.

Bob Kelly Seeking to Exterminate 300 Natives


Lawson's own family line has been disputed, with evidence that he and his family members posses NO BLOOD of the band. Trask Family history has been disputed for decades.  This man has worked to keep actual BLOOD MEMBERS from the tribe.  I myself stood with the granddaughter of a tribal member who can't be enrolled, as she plaintively implored her grandfather to help.

Allen Lawson San Pasqual

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Cladoosby is the President of the National Congress of American Indians, an organization that FAILS to stand of for American Indians that have been harmed by their own tribes, via disenrollment, banishment and moratoriums.

His recent speech on the State of Indian Nations speech allowed six minutes for the team mascot issue and ZERO time for the abuse of Native Americans at the hands of their own corrupt tribal leaders.   This is unseriousness at its worst.   And shameful behavior for an organization like this.
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