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Tuesday, September 30, 2014

North Fork Rancheria isn't the ONLY Tribe looking for OFF RESERVATION CASINO in CA. Los Coyote Band of Cahuilla NEXT?

The former mayor of Barstow, California, remains confident of federal approval for theLos Coyotes Band of Cahuilla and Cupeno Indians off-reservation casino.
But Lawrence Dale is worried about Proposition 48, an initiative on the November ballot. Voters are being asked to approve or reject an off-reservation casino for theNorth Fork Rancheria of Mono Indians.
“The proposed Barstow casino is almost through the federal side, so all we have left is to go to the state and get its approval,” Dale told The Victorville Daily Press. “Our casino would be similar to the one tied to Proposition 48. If we vote to oppose this and say no we could lose our move to try to bring the casino to Barstow.”
The Bureau of Indian Affairs published the final environmental impact statement for the $160 million Barstow Casino and Resort in April. The public comment period has closed but there's no timeline for a decision on the project.
If the BIA approves, the state governor would get veto authority under the two-part determination provisions of the Indian Gaming Regulatory ActGov. Jerry Brown (D) has so far approved two off-reservation casinos -- one for the North Fork Rancheria and another for the Enterprise Rancheria.



Anonymous said...

ISIS is just like Pechanga , They stole oil to fund their army.

Mark and Company committed theft from a casino to fund their army of criminals.

Anonymous said...

I heard that the per capita from the family's that were disenrolled Mark and the others skimmed like a percentage off of it before it went back to the tribe to be distributed back to them. don't John Macarros wife is head of accounting.

icitall said...

Meanwhile, the underlings that manage his casino are fleecing the Pechanga people blind. While he is busy counting apples, they are busy robbing his oranges. How does one know what is missing if one does not know what should be there to begin with? The NIGC and PDC both know that numbers have been falsified to lessen the degree of theft; true story.

Anonymous said...

Sovereignty not only allows illegal disenrollment's it allows corrupt government's like Pechanga and Pala from doing a legit audit and letting their tribal members see the report.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Vote no on 48
Build ur casino on ur reservation