Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Native American Civil Rights Leader Lehman Brightman Needs Your Help To Protect Archives of Life's Work

As many of you know, Dr. Lehman Brightman suffered a stroke in July 2011.  His care and needs has forced son Quanah Parker Brightman to carry the financial load and he needs HELP.  Please, if you can share this with your social media, help protect their life's work.  

Happy to Have Been able to Make a Small Payment on One of The 2 Storage Units up in Sacramento using My GA Emergency $. Don't Want to Lose My Family's Archives & Our Tribal Law Library. Been Hard Keeping up on the Never Ending Work to Decolonize Non-Indigenous Population & Colonized Indigenous with-out All My Tools.
Hopeful to Raise The Remainder of the Past Due Amount of $400.00 Owed to LifeStorage of Pell Industrial Before it Get's Auctioned Off.
Dear friends and allies of United Native Americans.
I am informing Each of You Now that Our Family has been Evicted from Our Resident here in Sacramento, California.If you can help us Raise monies to Help pay to fix our for our two storage units and to help us with security deposit & first months Rent, it is all appreciated. If there is anything you can help with, please contact me. Wopila tanka.
Contribution needed for:
Storage Units Currently Need $400.00 Total.
Security Deposit & First Months Rent for New Facility $600 1st Months Rent $500.00 Security
If You have Any Recommendations or Suggestions, Please E-mail Me Back or Call me ASAP.
Contributions Large or Small can Be MadeDirectly into Our Bank Account at BANK OF THE WEST ACCOUNT NUMBER # 106012446 

‪#‎WesternUnion‬or ‪#‎MoneyGram‬ ‪#‎SafewayGiftCards‬ ‪#‎WalmartGiftCards‬ can be mailed directly to:
165 22nd Street
Richmond, CA 94801
Quanah Parker Brightman

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