Tuesday, September 30, 2014

TWILA BARNES: Dead Birds Leave STAIN on Cherokee Nation

Cherokee blogger extraoridinaire has the story of a pigeon slaughter, labeled a hunt that was a fundraiser. 

Many of you have already heard about US Senator from Oklahoma, James Inhofe's "Pigeon Shoot" fundraiser.  

What you might not have heard is that Bill John Baker, Principal Chief of the Cherokee Nation, participated in it and that the Cherokee Nation was listed as a Gold Level sponsor of it.

There is a video of the event at the link below. I think it is important everyone see exactly what a "pigeon shoot" is.

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Anonymous said...

This is so stupid, Chief Billie Boy should know better!
But Twila Barnes says she cares so very much about the history of the Cherokee people, but yet of all the emails I have sent her on her site of Polly's Grandmother, the woman never will answer any of them. There were over 500 Cherokee that were not accounted for off the last group the went with Peter Hilderbrand on their way to Oklahoma. They never did get there, and were allowed to leave the group near the Ozark Mountains. What happened to all of them I told Twila my 3rd Great ghRandmother was one of them, and she told her family what happened when she was 13 years old. They went up in the mountains, and I know where they wenty. They did not all die! This is part of the Cherokee History that the ones in Oklahoma do not want to hear about. I have a picture of that great grandmother Mary, many people do not have any pictures of the ones the came on the "Trail Of Tears", I am lucky. A Professor back in the late 1990's contacted me and did a study on the list of the ones that walked, and which groups they were in. He had these records from the Government. This history needs to be spoken of again....their spirits are calling TWILA!!!!! Do you really care???? Do you hear them????or do you care more for dead birds, and a Cherokee Chief you did not vote for because he is not Indian enough for you as you state on your Blog????