Thursday, September 18, 2014

DemsTake NO STAND on Stripping Citizenship from Tribal Members Block Bill To Strip Citizenship From ISIS Defectors

We've written about the stripping of tribal citizenship of Native Americans BY corrupt tribal councils.  This is so egregious, that you'd think the Department of Justice would have looked into it, instead, crickets.

Look what happened today in the Senate:

Sen. Ted Cruz tried to get the Senate to consider a measure Thursday providing that any American who joins the fight with terrorist groups such as the Islamic State would immediately renounce their U.S. citizenship, but a Democratic senator objected, saying more time is necessary to weigh the significant constitutional issues it raises.
Ahead of the Senate’s scheduled consideration Thursday afternoon of a proposal to arm and train Syrian rebels, part of President Obama’s strategy to combat the terrorist group, the Texas Republican asked for unanimous consent to pass the Expatriate Terrorist Act he introduced earlier this month.
The Democrats response:

 Sen. Mazie Hirono, Hawaii Democrat, objected, saying the bill has not been brought before the Senate Judiciary Committee and it affects “fundamental constitutional rights, which should be given the full deliberation of the Senate.”
“Legislation that grants the government the ability to strip citizenship from Americans is a serious matter, raising significant constitutional issues,” she said.
We think stripping of TRIBAL CITIZENSHIP is a serious matter too Senator.  Look into that.
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Anonymous said...

Their a threat,..

Luiseno said...

"a serious matter, raising significant constitutional issues"

This the main difference between a "real" Government, and the pretend wanna be Government's. Real Government's take serious there constitution, and fake wanna be ones trounce all over theirs (even going so far as to laugh at it calling it a "silly little piece of paper". Tribal citizens need to stand up and demand that there governing leaders adhere and respect there constitution.

White Buffalo said...

What do the republicans say????

Anonymous said...

The threat really is the Bad Actors and liar club members who want to disrespect tribal elders to justify their non-tribal actions. Going against the will of the people, then going to outside governments and wanting respect cast to them. Weak bad actors who cant truthfully justify their actions has cast the film light on the band. Why should the band get rights, if they think it's ok to take others rights away?

Anonymous said...

isn't it one of the responsibility's of the senate of Indian affaires committee to protect Indian rights most importantly their right as an American Indian. So when you have corrupt Indian government that does not follow their tribal constitution and strips Indian citizenship away is unconstitutional in both tribal and U.S. government. Reservations like Pechanga and Pala had to turn in their tribal constitution as part of the gaming compact. Senator Mazie Hirono seams to be protecting rights of criminals instead of looking at what is right and what is wrong. Maybe she should be a defense lawyer instead of a U.S. Senator

Anonymous said...

Here is the thing, these so called Politicians do not care about the individual Indian, they think they are doing right by the natives because they think their leaders speak for them, because the leaders tell them this, and their lobbyist tell them this, so in their minds they are doing a good job. They think the individual Indian is either treated right by their leaders or did something wrong (like pose as a false Indian) to get enrolled because that is what the tribal leaders tell them. If you want something to change or be noticed by them, get a petition going from actual members that claim what their leaders are doing that is hurting the people of the tribe, without knowledge of the leaders, and send it in to the DOJ (the department of Justice) or the Department of the Interior Secretary, head of Indian Affairs, do not send it to the BIA or NIGC because both of these entities do not stand for the Individual Indian, their hands are always out for green to throw a blind eye to what is going on in Indian Country, but if legitimate members (at least those who have not been disenrolled) petition for audits and for their ECs to be looked at as corrupt then maybe, just maybe they might get noticed.

Reinstatement_Restitution said...

We Indians got caught in the trap of thinking that our leaders were going to work for the good of the people. Instead they helped themselves to the money. The lawyers taught them how to steal, how to eliminate their opposition, how to curry favor in high places, and how to bribe and entice tribal members to support their corruption.

Isn't this how it works? The lawyers approach the leaders and tell them they can get rich through gaming. They tell the tribal officers to lobby and to contribute to various funds in return for favorable treatment on their issues. They help the tribal officers prepare governing documents that provide loopholes to give them access to tribal funds without the approval of the general membership. They instruct them to disenroll those who oppose their agenda of corruption and total authority, and especially to go after families to make sure that everyone in the tribe recognizes that their family could be next. We are tribal after all, and family is important.

The BIA has committed to non-interference and the protection of tribal sovereignty. They have pledged not to interfere in tribal affairs. The Senate Committee on Indian Affairs is concerned that it will undermine self determination if they contradict tribal law. The DOJ does not prosecute because the Federal Courts regularly dismiss cases brought against tribal officers on grounds of sovereign immunity.

Indians need to get more sophisticated in their understanding of tribal law and the power of their vote. They also need to participate in tribal government, and make sure that tribal leaders govern according to the wishes of the general membership. They must also act swiftly to remove leaders from office when they pursue wealth and power to the detriment of tribal members.

I know this is not news to any of the disenrollees. They have felt the pain of having their trust betrayed, their lives destroyed, and their people turn their backs on them. I don't want to give false hope, but a new effort is forthcoming. More news will be coming on this effort.

Anonymous said...

Sharing the truth is better than allowing lies and misinformation to be broadcast. Since the Bad Actors have been allowed to do wrong, its only right to shine the light on the Bad Actors so they can present themselves to everyone everywhere. Holding the line in the sand, and protecting "ALL" is better than crossing others lines and telling them to move on. Our Ancestors had that from outsiders, it's not ok to have the same acts from Inside the Bands.