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Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Pechanga Chairman Mark Macarro's WIFE's Lobbying Firm Registers to Lobby for Table Mountain Rancheria

 Holly Cook Macarro's Ietan Consulting has registered to lobby for Table Mountain Rancheria, a tribe whose settlement is located in Fresno County, Calif. The tribe, which owns and operates Table Mountain Casino, is involved in a battle over a state-level initiative known as Proposition 48. 

The proposition would allow the North Fork Rancheria tribe to build a hotel and casino that would not be located on its reservation. The federal government and state of California have signed off on that deal, but Table Mountain Rancheria opposes it, arguing it would expand gambling off historic tribal lands.

The Pechanga Tribe of Temecula is well known for violating the civil and human rights of its people and for the theft of their per capita that has surpassed the $500 million level.  Currently Pechanga practices APARTHEID on their reservation.  They were also attempting to steal water rights from descendents of original allottees of the Temecula Indian Reservation.


Anonymous said...

Flip flop. Show me the $

Anonymous said...

Holly make a good wife in middle east she pretty,


Anonymous said...

what would the dept. of interior say to allotted land owners wanted to build a resort on fheir allotted land? the truth be told?

Anonymous said...

some allotted land was put into tribal trust, then golf course added. how bout adding a vineyard resort on individual allotted land. 1st. class hotel wine tasting etc